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Disney+ Hotstar releases promotional stills for Small & Mighty starring Chen Bo Lin and Puff Kuo

Disney+ Hotstar has just dropped promotional stills for the upcoming Chinese language drama, Small & Mighty. Small & Mighty is directed by Hsu Fu Xiang, the Golden Bell Award winner for the highly acclaimed 16 Summers, and features a strong cast, including Chen Bo Lin, who most recently worked on the Disney+ Hotstar reality show Extreme Forest, and popular Taiwanese actress Puff Kuo. This engaging drama-comedy explores various social phenomena and legal disputes and also stars up-and-coming actors Phil Hou and A-Shi.

The stills encapsulate the characters’ personality and style, with Chen Bo Lin looking like he walked out of a fashion magazine spread in a dapper suit and tussled hair; and Puff Kuo’s comical character accentuated by her ridiculously curly hair.

Centered around the illustrious life and career of Liu Lang (Chen Bo Lin), a dashing and obnoxious lawyer who was kicked out of his law firm, Small & Mighty follows Lang shortly before a toddler claiming to be his offspring turns up unannounced and changes his life forever. Faced with a daunting new reality during the middle of a high-pressure case, Lang must discover what it truly means to be a lawyer and along the way change his perception of life and the law.

Small & Mighty subverts the serious stereotype of most legal dramas, instead delivering a thought-provoking yet light-hearted and humorous plot that allows the audience to quickly delve into the core of the story while still being entertained. Director Hsu Fu Xiang recently shared that, Small & Mighty is a light-hearted comedy that explores serious social and familial issues, while also debating what justice is through the conflict between law and human nature.

Small & Mighty is directed by 16 Summers Golden Bell Award-winning director Hsu Fu Xiang and stars Chen Bo Lin and Puff Kuo. It is produced by You-Song Entertainment Co. and is co-presented by bilibili.

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