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CES 2021: Panasonic Automotive shows an innovative wireless charging inside your car

If you always charging your smartphone inside your car, you will feel it’s quite a hassled to charge whether wired or wirelessly. From slow wireless charging speed to finding the hidden USB port to plug your cable, Panasonic Automotive aims to solved this issue with its latest teaser video.

Panasonic Automotive latest video is showing their latest wireless charging system which aims to be a more accurate and more efficient way to charge. The wireless charging system will feature Panasonic patent pending tracking technology where the wireless charging coil moves into the optimum position to align with the mobile device’s charging coil and quickly begins to charge wirelessly. In terms of charging speed, Panasonic is claiming it can deliver 15W of charging power.

At the moment, Panasonic Automotive’s wireless charging system is still in patent pending phase hence there is no confirmation date when it will be available. Stay tuned over here when more details emerges from Panasonic Automotive regarding this tech.

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