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Be like Dolla and the Galaxy A53 – A Perfect Trendy Match Like No Other

If you loved Dolla’s confidence, vibrant energy and style, then the Galaxy A53 should be the device to get right now. Dolla is no stranger to the music and fashion scene as well as to tech being the face of Samsung’s best-selling smartphone range, the Galaxy A Series. After using it for months, Sabronzo, Syasya, Angel and Tabby have a few things to say about the device they deem “perfect affordable device for trendy youngsters who are looking for practicality”.  

Being in the music entertainment is a long hours career. Dolla believes it is crucial that the devices they are using on a day-to-day basis can keep up with their lifestyle. With the 5,000mAh battery on the Galaxy A53, it will comes in handy as it lasts through the day of usage. If you’re running low on power, the device supports 25W fast charging too, which gets your device recharged in no time.

Being a recording artists, there are times they love to record their moments to show their hard work and leisure. Hence, a a versatile and powerful camera system is a must-have for these girls. One notable feature that was praised heavily by Dolla is the Galaxy A53’s Night Mode. “I once went to an indoor roller skating place that had a disco theme, which was of course dark, but when I took pictures with my phone, it came out nicely and brought out the personality of the place beautifully!” the youngest member, Syasya, said. 

Other than that, features that were hyped amongst the four members were Single Take – also present in Samsung’s Galaxy flagship devices – and Object Eraser. “With Single Take, creating multiple content now is easier and faster since you can get still photos, moving photos and videos with just one tap” Sabronzo shared, emphasizing its incredible usability when she’s in a time crunch. Angel also chimed in stating that she relies on Object Eraser a lot for content creation. “Because I am a perfectionist, it’s really useful to have it so I can simply remove unwanted and distracting objects from the background”.

Tabby on the other hand adores the huge 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, with  peak brightness of 800 nits – bright and easy to see even when it is bright outside, allowing her to use the Galaxy A53 comfortably. “The bright and wide screen makes it so easy for me to see lyrics clearly when I’m practising singing or having a fun karaoke session in my room!” she happily shared. 

One thing that Dolla loves doing during their spare time, it’s gaming. “The screen on the Galaxy A53 is really smooth and huge, so it is easy for me to win games since I can see more when I play against the girls or with other players,” said Angel. With the Exynos 1280 chip, the device offers better connectivity with higher fps, giving players an optimized gaming experience that will lead them to victory. The device also refreshes at 120Hz, elevating Dolla’s gaming performance by making load times faster, gameplay smoother, and graphics more powerful and life-like. Similarly, you can have the fastest gaming experience anytime and anywhere with its reliable connectivity of ultra-fast 5G connectivity. 

Capture, enjoy and experience what it is like to have an awesome device like Dolla. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the Galaxy A53 – this is the time! Until 31 August 2022, enjoy an instant rebate of RM150 when you make your purchase. Furthermore, you can also enjoy these deals:

PromotionDetailsValid Until
Trade-in RebateReceive an additional rebate of up to RM150 added to the base trade-in-value 31 August 2022
OneDriveEnjoy 6 months of OneDrive 100GB cloud storage for free31 March 2023
Purchase with Purchase Travel Adapter PromotionReceive 40% off on the Travel Adapter when you purchase Galaxy A33, Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A7330 September 2022

For more information on the Galaxy A53, check out https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-a/galaxy-a53-5g-awesome-blue-256gb-sm-a536elbhxme/ 

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