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ASUS Malaysia to offer ASUS Perfect Warranty for laptops

On a hunt for a laptop while staying at home during Movement Control Order (MCO)? You might want to check out ASUS Malaysia laptop line-up as they’re offering ASUS Perfect Warranty to their products. According to ASUS Malaysia, the new warranty is an additional protection service for ASUS laptop’s customers for any damage incurred on the unit that is not covered under ASUS manufacturer’s warranty, including customer induced damage. However, there is some caveat you need to know so let’s find out more by checking out the bolded text.

What is ASUS Perfect Warranty?

For every purchase of ASUS consumer or gaming laptop, customers are automatically eligible for 2-year global warranty. However, this manufacturer warranty is only applicable for any damage that is not induced by customers. Beginning year 2020, ASUS completes the warranty service for customers by offering ASUS Perfect Warranty on top of the official manufacturer warranty. ASUS Perfect Warranty is an exclusive warranty service from ASUS for one time only during the first year of the laptop’s manufacturer warranty. For this premium service, ASUS shall bear 80% of the total repair cost for spill damage, electrical surge damage or drop and accidental breakage. Customer shall only bear the remaining 20% of the total cost and full labour fee.

How to claim ASUS Perfect Warranty?

  1. Customer shall visit any of the authorized ASUS Service Centers in Malaysia or Brunei along with the damaged unit and purchase receipt/invoice from the retail stores where the unit is purchased at.
  2. ASUS shall carry out purchase validation at the time when customer claims for ASUS Perfect Warranty. In the event the purchase is fail to validate, customer must provide the official
    receipt or invoice to ASUS Service Center as proof of purchase
  3. ASUS Perfect Warranty is only eligible for ASUS consumer laptops and gaming laptops, launched from 1st January 2019 & 2020, including charging adapter and its battery (but not inclusive of its accessories) purchased from 1st January 2020 onwards (or laptop launched officially in Malaysia from January 2019 onwards). ASUS Service Center team shall check the activation data on the spot to validate the date of purchase.
  4. ASUS Perfect Warranty is only applicable for product purchased in Malaysia and Brunei. Product purchased outside of Malaysia and Brunei are not eligible.
  5. For Terms & Conditions, kindly refer: https://www.asus.com/my/support/Article/1028/

Eligible models

Below is the list of ASUS laptop model which launched in 2019 onwards:

Series Model NameProduct code
ZenBook Pro DuoUX581G
ZenBook DuoUX481F
ZenBook ProUX580G
ZenBook FlipUM431D
ZenBook FlipUM462D
ZenBook FlipUX362F
VivoBook SK403F
VivoBook SS330F
VivoBook SS431F
VivoBook SS530F
VivoBook SS530U
VivoBook SS531F
VivoBook FlipT101H
VivoBook FlipTP412F
ASUS LaptopA407M
ASUS LaptopA407U
ASUS LaptopA409F
ASUS LaptopA411U
ASUS LaptopA507M
ASUS LaptopA507U
ASUS LaptopA509F
ASUS LaptopE203M
ASUS LaptopM409B
ASUS LaptopM409D
ASUS LaptopM509D
ASUS LaptopX441B
ASUS LaptopX441M
ASUS LaptopX505B
ASUS LaptopX505Z
ASUS LaptopX555Q
ASUS LaptopX570Z
ROG MothershipGZ700G
ROG ChimeraG703G
ROG Zephyrus SGX502G
ROG Zephyrus SGX502GW
ROG Zephyrus SGX531G
ROG Zephyrus SGX701G
ROG Zephyrus MGU502G
ROG Zephyrus GGA502D
ROG Strix Scar/Hero IIIG531G
ROG Strix Scar IIIG731G
ROG Strix Scar/Hero IIGL504G
ROG Strix Scar IIGL704G
TUF GamingFX504G
TUF GamingFX505A
TUF GamingFX505D
TUF GamingFX505G
TUF GamingFX705G

Well, hope Malaysians that has read this article understand what kind of warranty they are getting and the duration given by ASUS Malaysia. I think it is a good move by ASUS Malaysia as it will give Malaysian customer more peace of mind with a 1-year premium warranty. Should you need more information from ASUS Malaysia, check out the contact details below. Stay safe as always, Malaysian, and continue look out for more exciting trending news here.

Contact ASUS Service Center:
Website: https://www.asus.com/my/support/
Hotline: 1300-88-3495
Hotline Operation Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm (except public holiday)
Authorized ASUS Service Center: https://www.asus.com/my/support/Service-Center/Malaysia

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