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Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and CODE-ZERO launches new online shop for fans

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and CODE-ZERO launched a new fan and customer experience as they unveiled the team’s new online shop at www.alfaromeoracingstore.com. The e-commerce platform features an engaging, user centric design, giving Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN’s growing legion of fans an immersive experience as they browse the team’s new range of leisurewear, accessories and, of course, teamwear designed by CODE-ZERO.

In addition to the popular replica range, featuring the items worn by Kimi Räikkönen, Antonio Giovinazzi, Robert Kubica and the team trackside, CODE-ZERO will be unveiling dedicated collections at special moments in the season – with one still-secret line in the works to celebrate Kimi’s 20 years in Formula One.

CODE-ZERO, a stalwart of the sailing world, is known for its high-quality clothing and accessories but also for pushing the boundaries of technology – not just in its garments but also in the platforms on which they are traded. As part of the raft of innovations introduced on the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN store, fans will be able to purchase their favourite items with one click straight from social media, thanks to Instagram and Facebook Shopping.

With a focus on a stylish and artistic presentation of its collections, the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN online shop is sure to appeal to the ever-expanding cohort of Formula One fans. Unique and authentic – just like the team: CODE-ZERO is redefining the way merchandising is done in the sport.

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