You should know this ‘Places to Visit’ at Subang Jaya City

Since its development in 1976, Subang Jaya has now become a fully-developed and modern city. Subang Jaya Municipal Council has officially attained its city status on 20th October 2020 and now declared Subang Jaya City Council. So let’s checked out Tourism Selangor‘s list on “Places to Visit” at Subang Jaya City.


Mines Wellness City was launched in 2011 by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia which has now become an integrated health and wellness city. It is famous for its many luxury hotels, quality healthcare centers, event spaces and more. Other than that, some of the most-visited places in Mines Wellness City are The Mines Golf Club and Resort, The Mines Beach Resort & Spa, Malaysia International Exhibition & Showroom (MINES), The Mines Shopping Fair, as well as The Mines Waterfront Business Park. Mines City is also a famous destination for international tourists, mainly from the Middle East regions


Sunway City is well-known for its entertainment and leisure attractions. Among those places are Sunway Lagoon water theme park which includes the haunted house, several amusement parks and also a wildlife park. Meanwhile, Sunway Pyramid shopping mall offers indoor ice skating, archery activities and bowling; other than shopping. There are also Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Sunway Clio Hotel, Sunway Medical Centre, and Sunway University in this integrated city. It is certainly a must-visit destination for domestic and international travelers as it offers varied tourism segmentations, experiences and activities which are well-rounded. It is best to spend a 3-day-2-night holiday in Sunway City for an unforgettable trip!


Did you know, Puchong City has been developed for almost 120 years and the city is not only famous for its economic and industrial sector but is also popular in tourism? There are many attractions in Puchong City such as Kenari Lane, which is a mural street art area perfect for pictures, famous shopping malls such as IOI Mall Puchong and Setiawalk Puchong, Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar, Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, and Orang Asli Rasau Hilir Village. Puchong is also regarded as a ‘food heaven’ especially for street food, traditional Chinese food, and many more.


Subang Jaya is also considered as an education hub. There are many famous international colleges and universities located here such as Sunway University, Taylor’s University, SEGI College, ALFA College, Metropolitan College and many more. For those who plan to continue their studies, Subang Jaya City is home to many reputational universities and colleges for you to consider. The city is also developed with integrated and modern public transportation, and has many hostels for students, shopping malls, and recreational centers – making it a wholesome place for them to settle.


Subang Jaya is known for its quality medical and healthcare. There are many hospitals in the area of Subang Jaya such as Sunway Medical Centre, QHC Medical Centre, Subang Jaya Medical Centre and Sime Darby Medical Centre. There are also many beauty and treatment centers in Subang Jaya City such as Blossom Spa & Wellness Centre, Mandayu Spa & Wellness Centre, Heavenly Spa, Beauty Palace Muslimah Spa, SOTHYS Premium Facial, De Skin Beauty Saloon, and Ridz Okumura Salon, among others.

6) SS15

SS15 is a perfect place to hang-out with your friends and family because of its variety of food and hipster shops. There are many types of food that you can try at famous cafes and restaurants here such as Rojak and Cendol SS15, Jibril Restaurant, Nasi Lemak Warisan Sambal Opah, Gold Chilli, Mezcla Burrito Bar, Warung Cikgu, Tryst Café, and many more. There are many shops of various brands selling ‘bubble tea’ here at SS15 too. It can be said, SS15 is a food paradise for its food variety and is well-loved by food-hunters. The place is also a famous choice for youngsters residing in Subang Jaya City or other Districts to spend their quality time with friends and family, especially on weekends.

Hopefully this article will serve you as a guide to experience Subang Jaya City. Now I need to get my rojak…

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