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You might want to get this AOC ‘Pink-Power’ gaming monitor for this Valentine’s Day

AOC has just announced their latest gaming monitor for this Valentine’s Day, the AG273FXR ‘Pink-Power’ monitor.

The striking AG273FXR ‘Pink-Power’ range Agon monitor boasts a light, airy aesthetic better suited to the decor, accessories and furnishings of the female gamer. The mainly white casing, for example, is trimmed with a rose-pink bottom bezel. The gaming monitor also boasts exciting gaming and entertainment performance like 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, FreeSync Premium anti-tearing tech, ‘Light FX’ light effects, IPS panel, high contrast boost with HDR10 capability and 119% sRGB color.

AOC AG273FXR is now available in Malaysia for RM 2,399 and can be purchased online at

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