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YNM Home Debuts Advanced Knitted Weighted Blankets

YNM Home’s design team has upgraded their popular knitted weighted blankets for an even more “snug as a hug” night’s sleep.

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — YNM Home is pleased to announce that its beloved knitted weighted blanket has been upgraded. The company has experienced rapid growth because of the success of the first YNM weighted blanket and is constantly looking to improve their products. In 2021, YNM introduced a knitted weighted blanket, providing a new option for people who want to use a weighted blanket to promote sleep but are concerned about the heat and the risk of beads leaking. This year, with the release of its upgraded version, YNM can now offer an even better night’s sleep than ever before.

YNM Weighted Blanket comes in a wide range of styles, colors, weights, and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. This year, YNM Home has upgraded their popular knitted weighted blankets for an even more “snug as a hug” night’s sleep. Photo Credit: YNM HOME

According to the YNM team, “Getting enough and restful sleep is important to health. At YNM we believe that progress comes to those who rest. Since our founding, YNM has been observing the market trends, implying customer feedback, upgrading our products, and launching a variety of choices to meet everyone’s sleeping needs.”

Why use a weighted blanket?

The advantage of weighted blankets stems from the use of Deep Touch Pressure. This is a stimulus that causes the production of serotonin, which promotes relaxation. The traditional weighted blanket is filled with thousands of glass or plastic microbeads and other materials to give the blanket its weight and improve sleep. Microbeads are divided into dozens of pockets to distribute evenly and prevent leaks. In order to meet the need of people who are concerned about the heat and the risk of beads leaking, YNM introduced a knitted weighted blanket with handcrafted design and high-quality breathable material in 2021.

YNM stands out from the crowd.

With an eye toward innovation, YNM has made some changes to an already excellent product to make it even better.  In 2022, the YNM team has improved the chunky yarns and weaving methods of their knitted weighted blankets, making them tighter and permitting people to sleep more comfortably. In addition, a line of innovative cooling knitted weighted blankets has been added, allowing people to enjoy the benefits of knitted weighted blankets during the hot summer months. Furthermore, YNM added a line of tie-dyed knitted weighted blanket with novel and natural colors to break the norms of traditional knitted weighted blanket products.

YNM knitted weighted blankets are both a cozy knit blanket and a stylish piece of home decor. They are now available in five materials, five sizes, and 30 colors. With the holiday shopping season on the horizon, customers may gift their loved ones the highly giftable chunky knit weighted blanket at a discounted price. 

“Rest and relax in style with YNM,” is a phrase and a philosophy that the YNM brand embraces. In light of the popularity of their weighted blankets, YNM has expanded their sleeping product line to include cotton, bamboo, and knitted weighted blankets. YNM also offers sheet set, chunky knit throw blankets, pillows, pillowcases, duvet covers, shoulder pads, sleeping masks, and other items to improve everyone’s sleeping quality.

YNM Home encourages everyone to try their state-of-the-art upgraded weighted blankets and “sleep your best self forward.”

About YNM Home: YNM Home offers a ground-breaking product line that promotes restful sleep, improved cognition, restores energy, and promotes productivity and emotional well-being. Their famous high-quality weighted blankets have improved the sleep of over 2 million people and earned YNM over 34 thousand five-star reviews. The innovative company is committed to helping customers “Sleep your best self forward” by providing a superior product, a one-year warranty, free shipping, and a dedicated support team.

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