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Women in Taipei to stream exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on 21 Sept 2022

Catch beloved Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun-Mei for this September as she returns to star in serialized drama for the first time in 14-years in Women in Taipei. Starring Wang Po-Chieh, Joseph Chang, Rhydian Vaughan, Stone, Cheryl Yang and Tien Hsin, this emotional coming-of-age story depicts a small town woman’s struggles with love, friendship, family and her career as she moves to Taipei to pursue her dreams. The series has 11 episodes which set to launch exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on 21 September 2022.  

Centered around the life of I-Shan Lin, Women in Taipei shows the story and struggles of I-Shan as she leaves the comfort and safety of her hometown of Yong Kang to live a new life in the urban metropolis of Taipei. Faced with the emotional challenges of being hired and fired for the first time, I-Shan struggles to make ends meet while also being confronted with heartbreak and being forced to make impossible life choices. Showcasing the lives of people in each district of Taipei, this 11-part series is sure to resonate with anyone who has put everything on the line to achieve their goals.

When discussing her role, Gwei Lun-Mei said: “I-Shan Lin is a good-natured, straight-forward person. She has a strong sense of justice, and speaks up when she feels that something is unfair. When you’re pursuing your dreams, you have to be decisive, you can’t haphazardly go about making decisions, and I-Shan is definitely a woman who has set out in pursuit of her dreams.” 

I-Shan Lin is accompanied on her journey of self-discovery by her Tainan clique, which includes actors Wang Po-Chieh (Winds of September), Kimi Hsia (Zone Pro Site) and Cosmos Lin (Back To Home). Each episode will also feature special appearances by other A-list actors including Cheryl Yang (Queen of No Marriage), Tien Hsin (Best Interest), Patty Lee (My Missing Valentine), Alice Tseng (Secret), Joseph Chang (Girlfriend Boyfriend), Stone (Zinnia Flower), Rhydian Vaughan (Monga) and Austin Lin (Tears On Fire). This all-star cast will appear throughout the series to depict the incredible range of people I-Shan encounters in the big bustling city.    

Directed by Li Yun Chan (The Shoe Fairy), written by Ginger Wang (Déjà vu) and Wan-Zhen Zou (Say Yes Again), and produced by Lincoln Lai.

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