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Waterdrop Offers Best Christmas Gifts 2022 for Loved Ones

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Christmas is just around the corner. Advocating water health, Waterdrop has selected a few gifts for friends and family. It is well known that water accounts for roughly 60% of the human adult body, and it is essential to body functions and also is a key factor to measure the health.

Health is always the first thing for any human being. Anything good is discounted in the absence of health. Waterdrop, an advocate for water health, believes that health cannot be realized without healthy water. Waterdrop has spot-on holiday gifts for every person on the list.

Best Christmas Gifts from Waterdrop

When choosing a gift for friends or bestie, this Waterdrop pitcher is absolutely an ideal one! This pitcher is compact in size and perfect for the fridge, and is fashionable and attractive. Customers can put it anywhere they want, like home and office. Furthermore, it comes with 5 color options including elegant pink, classic white, refreshing blue, lucid yellow and young green, and each color brings a unique experience. Because of its fashionable look, this pitcher is very popular among influencers and has gained massive exposure on social media. Of course, its popularity lies in its powerful filtration, and this pitcher can reduce chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants to make water taste better.

For loved parents or married friends, this Waterdrop water filter dispenser is a must-have. Made from BPA-free and lead-free materials and certified by NSF, this dispenser has a larger capacity of 20 cups, which can meet demands of a whole family for water. Besides its large capacity, this dispenser has outstanding filtration capability. With the adoption of 5-stage filtration, this pitcher can reduce 97.4% of chlorine, heavy metal ions, mercury, copper, taste and odor and the like to improve the water taste and brings clean, healthy water to people.

Love them, and bring them health. Of course, if people want a product with better filtration effects for their parents, this Waterdrop tankless reverse osmosis system must be the first option! With 9-stage filtration including an RO membrane and UV sterilization, this RO system can reduce over 1,000 harmful substances in the water, making the water taste like spring water.

Christmas 2022 is approaching, and Waterdrop Christmas promotion is also on the way. There is the biggest discount of $149. Dedicated to providing trusted, innovative appliances for families all over the world, Waterdrop is always here to safeguard people’s water health.

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