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ViewSonic Launches the First Desktop Multi-Identity Authentication System to Accelerate Paperless Development

Innovative Electronic Signature Solutions Bring a Safer Life to the Post-Pandemic Era

BREA, Calif., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, showcases the first desktop multi-identity authentication system, the MA series, at #COMPUTEXVirtual 2021 Online Exhibition. The series integrates six widely used digital authentication mechanisms, including electronic signatures, fingerprints, photography, document and ID scanning, PIN codes, and card reading. Businesses can combine different authentication methods to satisfy the security of multi-identity authentication and improve efficiency. Anti-bacterial technology was also implemented to the product to reduce the risk of disease transmission*.

The MA series integrates six widely used digital authentication mechanisms, including electronic signatures, fingerprints, photography, document and ID scanning, PIN codes, and card reading to satisfy the security of multi-identity authentication and improve efficiency.

“ViewSonic electromagnetic pen displays provide natural writing experiences and improves the document management process tremendously. Our brand-new MA series, which integrates biometric and non-biometric identification mechanisms and the enhancement of identity verification, will bring breakthrough innovation to the industry,” said George Lee, the Director of Electromagnetic Pen Display BU at ViewSonic. “MA Series can be installed on reception or office desks to optimize the operation process and takes up little to no space. It ensures the security of confidential documents and authenticity of signatures for banks, hospitals, restaurants, and telecommunication companies.”

MA series can be paired with a 10″ or 12″ pen display screen, and is equipped with wide-angle cameras, fingerprint readers, card readers, and Near-field Communication (NFC) technology. With its biometric authentication feature, it supports signature and fingerprint verification and facial recognition; as for scanning files, inserting passwords, and card readings, its non-biometric feature can be brought into play. Through integrating document management, contract authentication, and other software, frontline workers will no longer feel stressed when dealing with applications that require multiple signatures with several authentication steps.

When users sign documents with the ViewSonic electromagnetic pen, the MA series system automatically records and extracts the shape, velocity, stroke, pen pressure, and then verifies it to ensure authenticity. To conform to the international level of electronic signature specifications and data security, it meets the industry’s highest standard AES 256 and RSA 2048 encryption and CA (certificate authority) certification. If the file has been tampered with, the document seal will be shown as destroyed.

ViewSonic is also presenting a line-up of electromagnetic pen displays ranging from 5″ to 21.5 ” (PD0521, PD0711, PD1013, PD1213, PD1233, PD1631, PD2211). All products are made with anti-bacterial plastic materials verified by SGS, which effectively reduces the reproduction of microorganisms by 99.9%. The entire PD series of products are equipped with anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint coatings. Combined with the cloud signature software, users can receive documents and sign them on any device anywhere. In addition, a series of educational handwriting solutions (PD1330, PF0730-I0WW, ID710-BWW) are also being showcased at the online event. With its intuitive usability, teachers and students will not have to change their writing habits, shortening the learning curve of digital handwriting.

ViewSonic Exhibition Information

This year’s #COMPUTEXVirtual 2021 takes place from May 31 to June 30. It is a smart exhibition platform integrating the virtual and real, bringing a brand-new digital experience to participants. Join us at the ViewSonic online exhibition to experience a wide variety of pen display products and innovative solutions, which help reduce physical paper consumption and storage, decrease operating costs, and protect the environment, as well as help avoid unnecessary contact in an ever-changing post-pandemic era.

About ViewSonic

Founded in California, ViewSonic is a leading global provider of visual solutions and conducts business in over 100 countries worldwide. As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic is committed to providing comprehensive hardware and software solutions that include monitors, projectors, digital signage, ViewBoard interactive displays, and the myViewBoard software ecosystem. With over 30 years of expertise in visual displays, ViewSonic has established a strong position for delivering innovative and reliable solutions for education, enterprise, consumer, and professional markets and helping customers “See the Difference.” To find out more about ViewSonic, please visit

* The antimicrobial properties do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. Always clean and wash this product thoroughly before and after each use. ViewSonic products are not considered medical devices and are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

This news release contains forward-looking statements that reflect the Company’s expectations with regard to future events. Actual events could differ significantly from those anticipated in this document. Program, pricing, specifications, and availability are subject to change without notice. ViewSonic and the ViewSonic trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of ViewSonic Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies.


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