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[Video] Did you know the first Fast and Furious movie has some real life technical errors?

Who wouldn’t remember the first Fast and Furious movie where Dominic “Dom” Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) raced against Brian O’Conner (played by Paul Walker) in their respective Dodge Charger and Toyota Supra? There are many iconic scene in that film as well but unless you’re an avid car lover, you might noticed the film does have some real life technical errors.

According to Craig Lieberman, the Fast and Furious technical advisor, there are certain scenes that may have exaggerated when compared to real life. For example, the Honda Civic(s) in the opening is impossible to pass through below a semi-truck’s carriage so the production crew has to jack up the carriage area. You can even watch the modification area on the carriage as pointed out by Lieberman himself.

Craig Lieberman involves with two Fast and Furious film as technical advisor

Although Lieberman is the technical advisor, he mentioned he couldn’t be on the set every time because he has another full-time job. There are times, he have to modify some script with factful technical terms, however he couldn’t be on the set thus the actors and scriptwriter decided to change some of the script. Fun fact though, did you know that N.O.S wasn’t pronounced as in “NAWS”? It was confirmed by the founder of N.O.S after Lieberman checked with him.

Not to hand out any spoiler on Lieberman’s video anymore, I will let you watched the full video and enjoy all the errors. After you have watched the video, perhaps you should tune back to Fast and Furious movie to see how did you missed the errors. And like Dom’s favourite quote, “One last ride” rewatching the Fast and Furious movie just like old time sakes. If you’re new to the series, then you get ready for a ride of your lifetime.

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