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Upgrade your truck tyres in Malaysia with the latest MICHELIN X Multi T2

If you need a new fresh rubber for your trucks in Malaysia, MICHELIN has recently introduced the MICHELIN X Multi T2 which offers increased safety with optimization of costs and productivity. Let’s learn more about the MICHELIN X Multi T2 at below.

MICHELIN X Multi T2 range has reinforced crown plies that improve tyre resistance to road hazards by 26%. Adopting the MICHELIN Regenion technology has allowed for a reduced mileage cost, 15% increased lifespan, and extended grip performance and greater traction in all weather conditions.

MICHELIN also claimed the new tyre tread design helps increased rigidity when cornering, with a 10% improvement in stability to offer the driver greater safety. The French tyre maker also added a new rubber mixture offers a 10% improvement in protection against aggression for MICHELIN X Multi T2. These new materials reduce damage and also allow for better retreading capabilities, as well as increased mileage with less irregular rubber wear on the tread. 

Because MICHELIN X Multi T2 tyre uses less material, it is more environmentally friendly. Weighing 1.7 kilograms less than its predecessor, the tyres also offering greater energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. All the performances of the range are the result of innovative and patented technologies.

The MICHELIN X MULTI T2 tyre is now available in dimension 11R22.5 at all MICHELIN authorised truck and trailer tyre dealers nationwide.  

For more information, please visit https://www.michelin.com.my.

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