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uin Art Travel Shoes Unveils Its Design Philosophy -“CALSEN”

BARCELONA, Spain, Nov. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As an original designer shoe brand, tailored for travelers and art enthusiasts, uin has gone through eight years since it was born in 2014. At present, uin has found favor to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, especially in America, Europe, and Asia. The global authoritative shoe industry magazine FN (Footwear News) in the United States rates uinfootwear “a travel shoe brand full of creativity, bringing warmth and joy to people”. uin footwear holds a constant belief — building an outdoor travel brand with artistic features’ support for people who want shoes that conform to their personalities and lifestyles, as well as to their travel experience. Thus, various travelers who are passionate about art around the world have become uin’s fans since their request of owning a pair of stylish & comfy travel shoes is certainly heard and met.

Travel with uin

Born of Toledo Signature Collection

As uin’s talented chief shoe designer, Fernando Acevedo arranges a specific inspirational trip every season. One morning in the spring of 2014, Fernando and his wife Anna packed their bags and prepared to leave for the journey. In the face of the whole cabinet of shoes, Anna was unable to decide which pair of shoes to wear. This scene instantly sparked Fernando’s design inspiration. Why not design a pair of travel shoes? Since we need a pair of sneakers when exercising, why can’t we have a pair of travel shoes when traveling? Finally, on a sunset evening, along the banks of the ancient city of Toledo, Spain, Fernando completed the creative idea of traveling shoes that has been in his heart for a long time – the original bionic foot-shaped design, with a one-piece minimalist upper combined with a strong Spanish-style artistic pattern, a streamlined hand-made ceramic sole with Toledo city crafted outsole, which is a perfect match for a pair of travel shoes!

Product Design Philosophy-“CALSEN”

S-soft and simple
E-easy and elastic

Pattern Design and Collaboration

uin now has launched nine series tailored to the needs of different customer groups, seasons and travel scenarios. Toledo slip-ons is always the hero product that are recognizable to uin fans. Creative patterns as the carriers of uin, are all designed based on uin’s twelve pattern series. uin has also expanded partnerships with established artists and prestigious cultural institutions to roll out multiple collaboration collections – including Smiley Collection, Destination Collection and Blossom Collection – in the hope of sparking more inspiration for customers to express themselves.

In its latest effort to diversify the brand identity, uin has created “A Timeless Journey” Collection in collaboration with the National Gallery, London. The nine-piece line-up blends the artistic essence taken from some of the era-defining impressionist paintings, such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and Claude Monet’s The Water-Lily Pond, with uin’s naturalistic themes, allowing customers to experience a different mode of self-expression.

Holiday Your Way

uin has launched a series of autumn and winter products to meet the needs of shoppers for gifts and travel on Black Friday and Christmas Holiday. Explore the webstore and find yourself the cozy and unique shoes  or get the perfect gift for every traveler in your life.

About uin

With travel and art sitting at the core of the brand value, uin seeks to reimagine the design of travel shoes by giving them a new identity that matches people’s ever-evolving lifestyles. In the exploration of the artistic expression that fuses the natural with the fashioned, the chief designer Fernando Acevedo created the “uin Art Travel Shoes” series whose design philosophy gracefully centers on the spiritual and emotional power that travel delivers, allowing people to enjoy self-expression through vibrantly colorful patterns that embody  enthusiasm, casual and fun.

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“With the sunshine and art of the Mediterranean Sea, it brings joy and beauty to travelers around the world on the road. With a pair of shoes, walk out of the romance and enthusiasm of life!”—— Fernando Acevedo

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