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Uflowershop.com : More than a thousand pots of Phalaenopsis ready for sale

HONG KONG, Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  As the new year approaches, Phalaenopsis and other annual flowers begin to appear on the market in large quantities, Phalaenopsis is one of the main flowers in the Hong Kong Lunar New Year Fair. The fan-shaped petals of Phalaenopsis in fullbloom are delicate and soft, and the thin petalsare engraved with tiny lines. Flowers bloom in rows, It’s like swarms of butterflies perched on slender branches, All kinds of colors compete for beauty, which is really beautiful, It looks good.

The Spring Festival is earlier this year, Uflowershop.com started preparing potted orchids before Christmas, thousands of pots of Phalaenopsis were prepared at the Orchid Base, and thousands of Phalaenopsis are blooming, colorful, like butterflies staying at the top of flowers. “Weare selling Phalaenopsis potted plants for the second year this year.It is twice as many as last year, there are also a lot more varieties than last year.”The head of Uflowershop.com Jason said: Butterfly orchid is known as the Queen of Orchids’ because of its large flowers,gorgeous colors, rich colors, and beautiful flower shapes. And the blooming time is long. It usually lasts for three to four months. easy to take care of and has a good moral, so it’s quite popular among Hong Kong people. “According to Jason, Phalaenopsis grows very well this year. To “add icing on the cake”, they also put folding fans, Chinese knots, and other decorative items on each potted flower, which is very popular with customers. 

To meet the needs of customers, Uflowershop.com has prepared over a thousand pots of exquisite Phalaenopsis, with prices ranging from $188 to $2888. At present, it has accepted customers’ reservations.

About Uflowershop.com

Uflowershop.com is one of the best online flower shops in Hong Kong. It is managed by a senior florist since its opening, Dedicated to providing customers with high-quality opening flower baskets, potted orchids, birthday bouquets, and marriage proposal bouquets.

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