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TM Roh believes foldable changing the mobile landscape with Samsung leading the way

TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ MX (Mobile eXperience) Business, recently visited to Indonesia and spoke about the continued popularity of foldable smartphones globally. He also spoke about the mobile business in Southeast Asia and the role of technology in shaping the future.

TM Roh acknowledges that foldable has transform and reshape the mobile market where Samsung continues as the pioneer and leader of the foldable smartphone category by delivering incredible foldable experiences.

He also said that, “We will continue to develop the unique advantages of the Galaxy foldables, such as viewing on a large screen using a compact and durable device, taking photos and videos in Flex mode, multitasking on split screens with an S Pen and enjoying a unique user experience with the new foldable form factor. We will also enhance the foldables experience through partnerships with industry leaders, such as Google, to support more applications and services for foldable devices.”

It seems like TM Roh is subtly dropping hints what’s coming for the upcoming Galaxy Z series for 2022 but we shall wait for the official launch.

He also highlighted how Samsung has been playing a key role in laying the foundation for a new generation of connectivity in 5G by working with local regulators and carriers in Southeast Asia for more than a decade. He adds, “While 5G networks are still limited in this region, I’m committed to ensuring that consumers in this region are equipped to benefit from 5G connectivity as soon as the infrastructure is available. And I’m confident that Samsung’s 5G devices will be the first choice for users in Southeast Asia and Oceania, and across the globe as well.”

Lastly, he also mentioned the diversity of the region, which includes developing markets where mid-tier smartphones continue to be important drivers for Samsung.

“By having a keen understanding of our target consumers’ needs, we are able to maintain the affordability of our mid-tier smartphones while providing a great mobile experience as we focus on strengthening specifications of priority product features, such as the battery, memory, performance, and 5G capabilities. In addition, various features from the flagship smartphones, such as the enhanced cameras, and dustproof and water resistant, are extended to the Galaxy A series,” said TM Roh.

You can read the full release at https://news.samsung.com/my/foldables-are-transforming-and-reshaping-the-mobile-market-and-samsung-is-leading-that-evolution-says-tm-roh-president-head-of-mx-business-samsung-electronics.

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