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TikTok shares safety tips to help Malaysians stay protected when going online

TikTok has released the full dialogue of Dumb Ways to Hurt Yourself Online for Malaysian to learn some safety tips when going online. Alternatively, users can also find snippets of the dialogue on TikTok.

Not only that, TikTok also released a refreshed safety guide and launched an in-app Digital Literacy Hub that acts as a one-stop portal that anchors all of TikTok’s educational initiatives around mental wellbeing, cyber wellness, minor safety and other digital literacy topics.

To #BeCyberSmart, TikTok has encouraged its community to:

  1. Surf smart: Use caution when connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi on the go. Be sure to set strong, unique passwords on all accounts, and enable 2-step verification for an added layer of security.
  2. Keep it all in the family: Check out TikTok’s easy-to-use safety and privacy controls with tools to customize your online experience.
  3. Catch the right fish: Phishing is a tactic used to trick people into giving up personal information. Avoid opening, downloading, or clicking links and attachments from unrecognized senders.
  4. Leave no trace: Keep all devices and apps updated with the latest software and offload unused apps. Before trading in devices, back up personal data like photos or videos, and erase all content and settings to keep personal information private.
  5. Play, watch, and learn together: Download apps, watch videos, play games, and stay engaged as a family to foster camaraderie across generations. Learn more in our New User guide.

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