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Three Epson WorkForce Scanners awarded Buyers Lab Summer 2021 Pick Award by Keypoint Intelligence for best performance

If you’re looking for an upgrade for your scanner in Malaysia, then you should checked out the three Epson Workforce Scanners that was recently awarded Buyers Lab Summer 2021 Pick Award by Keypoint Intelligence.

“Epson’s submissions for our Summer 2021 Award season are outstanding choices for any business’s digital transformation journey,” said Lee Davis, Associate Director of Software/Scanners at Keypoint Intelligence. “We were most impressed with each device’s outstanding workflow automation capabilities. Epson’s lineup of scanners can recognize forms, automatically extract OCR and barcode information, and integrate scanned images into cloud services, email, and business software.”

Awarded twice annually for office equipment, Picks acknowledge the products that gave the best performances in Keypoint Intelligence’s extensive suite of lab tests in the previous six months.

BLI Picks represent products that shine in their respective industries as they are based on rigorous testing, including an extensive durability assessment and evaluation of key attributes such as usability, image quality, and value. Each product that passes Keypoint Intelligence’s lab test earns the Highly Recommended or Recommended Seal and a Certificate of Reliability, with the best performers qualifying as Pick contenders.

Let’s find out more on the models that won the award:

  • Outstanding Mid-Volume Workgroup Scanner: Epson WorkForce DS-530II Scanner

The Epson WorkForce DS-530II Scanner allows a dedicated focus on work that matters with high-speed and all-purpose function. Designed to handle a wide variety of media, it offers the ability to scan different mediums from fragile paper documents to plastic cards, and even thick books with its flatbed option. Powered by fast scanning speeds, paper protection and image sensor glass dirt detection functions, the versatile workforce scanner promises high performance yields and improved efficiency.

  • Outstanding High-Volume Workgroup Scanner: Epson WorkForce DS-770II Scanner

The Epson WorkForce DS-770II Scanner allows streamlined productivity with high volume, high quality and high-speed scanning perfection. Capable of scanning a myriad of media from fragile and A3 documents (with a carrier sheet) to plastic cards, the DS-770II also allows scanning of thick objects such as books with its flatbed option, at an even faster speed. Boasting sustained durability and a large-scale volume of up to 7,000 pages per day, the DS-770II also offers impressive media handling with automatic document feeding of up to 100 sheets and size recognition to enable efficient workflow management.      

  • Outstanding SOHO Scanner: Epson WorkForce ES-580W Scanner

The Epson WorkForce ES-580W Scanner is designed for businesses and built for reliability. With a keen attention to detail and design for a seamless workflow, the innovative WorkForce ES-580W paired with the Epson Smart Panel app allows users to scan, save and send documents conveniently from their mobile devices to enhance productivity. The Scan-to function allows users to send scanned documents to target destination without the use of a PC, whilst the image sensor glass dirt detection reduces the need to re-scan due to poor image quality. 

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