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This Hisense 4-Door Inverter Fridge will let Malaysians to store foods while stay fresh as always

If you’re thinking of upgrading your refrigerator in Malaysia, then check out the latest Hisense Malaysia’s 4-Door Inverter Fridge. The 4-Door Inverter Fridge (Model name: RQ758N4ASV) focused on the modern kitchen concept with the counter depth design as the fridge can be well integrated into the cabinet design. This model is priced at RM5,499.

The fridge comes with three temperature compartments with flexible temperatures – fridge (2~8℃), freezer (-14~-24℃) and ‘My Fresh Choice’ (-18~5℃), each with separate controls. Users are able to set the fridge, freezer, and ‘My Fresh Choice’ room to the temperature based on their needs.

‘My Fresh Choice’ can be easily converted from a fridge and freezer with -18℃~5℃ temperature setting. By creating the perfect temperature environment, users can efficiently prolong the freshness and taste quality of their desired food. It is also a space for quick cooling as the temperature is slightly colder than fridge so users can get cool drinks faster, store cold snacks food like yogurt, cheesecake and etc.

Hisense has been putting efforts in investing the energy saving inverter technology that ensures a more stable temperature in the fridge which will save users’ money as its energy saving. Moreover, Super Cool function quickly drops the internal fridge temperature to a +2℃ for 6 hours while Super Freeze rapidly decreases the temperature and freezes your food much faster than usual. This function retains the foods natural taste, original texture, as well as all the good vitamins and minerals. The fridge comes with multi drawer design, which offered users a larger space to store more fruits, vegetables and snacks.

Thanks to the bigger door baskets, users can now store bigger and taller items in the basket and there’s a total of 6 door baskets for the users to utilize. Users will be in love with the flexibility of the fridge due to its metal guided rail that help the drawers slide easier and smoothly even with full of food as well as the cantilever shelves that allow users to change the space capacity by taking the shelf out and placing it on different shelf-holders. 

Users have no worries if accidentally left the door open as the door alarm function will alert and remind the users when the temperature of the fridge rises higher than usual. This 4-Door Inverter Fridge is definitely one of the best-looking designs with the functionally stylish door that provides easy access without compromising on looks. 

For consumers who are interested to purchase the above-mentioned products, can always refer to https://www.hisense.com.my/dealers-locations/. To learn more about all of Hisense’s premium offerings, visit Hisense Malaysia and follow @HisenseMalaysia on Facebook, and YouTube.

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