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This 5 wholesome shows on Qalbox sets to entertain your family this Holiday Season

School’s out and the holidays are in! While exciting activities are likely on the cards, sometimes what we all need is a little downtime at home, enjoying a good series or two with the whole family.

Qalbox makes it even easier for Muslims of all ages to find the perfect show. Offering a wide-ranging catalogue of global content, Qalbox celebrates diverse Muslim cultures and identities around the world, across different genres such as documentaries, films, series and even animated shows! What’s more, it also recently premiered its own original content here in Malaysia! 

Can’t decide what to press play on first? Here are 5 picks for perfect family-friendly viewing this holiday season.

1. Witness 8 unique life journeys through “I Am Muslim” 

True to its title, this docu-series dives into the lives of eight Muslims from around the world, highlighting places closer to home like Malaysia and Indonesia as well as more far-flung countries, like Andalusia. Each story is an exploration of what it means to be Muslim to individuals with different lives and backgrounds, including an actor-musician’s transformation into a motorbike riding preacher, as well as the first-ever Muslim mayor in Colombian history.

Heartfelt, intimate and sincere, these stories reveal the similarities in Muslim identity shared by millions around the world.

2. Learn about the importance of family with “Barakat”

How does a family move on after the death of a father? That is the question at the heart of this South African award winning film.

“Barakat” means blessing in Arabic, which is the primary theme of this moving film. A story about life, culture and family, this film focuses on ageing matriarch Aisha Davids, who is set to remarry after the death of her first husband. However, her sons band together to voice their disapproval of the match. At odds with her children, can Aisha find a way to bring her sons around and receive their blessing to build a family once more?

3. Watch the story of childhood dream chasers in “The Voice of Adinda”

The theme of chasing your dreams has always been at the heart of childhood stories. “The Voice of Adinda” embodies this message and tells the story of Adinda, a talented student with an alluring voice. 

Captivating audiences with her voice, Adinda finds courage to take part in a Quran recital competition, yet her father strongly opposes her choice. Unknowing to her, Adinda’s father refuses to let her participate in the competition, which could bring attention to their family. Faced with an ultimatum to chase her dream or to put her family at risk of being expelled from their homes, Adinda’s story is full of struggle and embodies determination.

4. “Little Explorers” keeps the little ones entertained

Need something to occupy the kids? “Little Explorers” is a live-action children’s series combining educational content with fun activities, promising parents peace of mind (and a few hours of quiet!)..

Join Brother Muhammad and his chatty puppet companion, Little Hamzah, as they embark on adventures that explore different concepts in daily life. Whether it’s diving into the science of the human body, appreciating the beauty of nature and wildlife, or learning more about key moments in world history, your kids will be fully immersed in this great series.

5. Load up the action and adventure with “Burka Avenger”

What young viewer isn’t a fan of superheroes and action packed cartoons? This Emmy nominated animation tells the tale of a passionate school teacher by day, and burka-clad superhero by night, fighting in the name of female empowerment, education and more.

With Seasons 1 & 2 currently airing on Qalbox, “Burka Avenger” is bound to fill your kids’ need for quality action and adventure stories. With each episode highlighting a core theme or lesson alongside the action, this show will serve your kids entertainment and morals,  while bringing more mature viewers some nostalgia of classic childhood cartoons.

Catch all these shows and more on Qalbox, available for viewing on mobile, web, tablets and Chromecasting.

Qalbox can be accessed through the Muslim Pro app with a 2-in-1 subscription, giving Muslim Pro users two offerings within a single mobile app. For a limited time, Malaysian users can get Qalbox at a promotional price of RM4.90/month or an annual subscription plan of RM 49.90/year.

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