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THine Electronics’ High-speed Data Transmission Product, Compatible with Multiple Cameras, Adopted in Drive Recorder Produced by Owltech

TOKYO, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — THine Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce that its unique solution for transmitting images from vehicle-mounted cameras, the V-by-One (R) HS chipset, has been adopted in Owltech Co., Ltd.’s omnidirectional high-quality image drive recorder “OWL-DR803FG-3C,” which is the winner of the home appliances of the year award by a Japanese magazine in 2020. The chipset is used in vehicle-mounted applications that involve the use of multiple cameras, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), surround view systems (SVS), driver monitoring systems (DMS), and electronic mirrors (e-mirrors).


The drive recorder has advantages such as being able to record simultaneously from three cameras in the front, rear and inside of a vehicle, and providing reliable high-quality images even at night. The rear camera has FHD, while the front camera has a clearer WQHD and delivers high-resolution and high-quality images. Despite using an 8m-long cable to connect to the rear camera, the drive recorder is able to transmit high-resolution images.

By using the V-by-One (R) HS chipset, images from multiple vehicle-mounted cameras such as the front and rear cameras can be transmitted, and at the same time, images from up to four cameras can be managed in a single chip to facilitate the transmission of digital data in high resolution. With FHD and 4K images, the drive recorder will be able to obtain a clearer rear view and record clearly when an accident occurs.

In addition, it will be able to acquire the advantage of obtaining a uniform image quality, without critical disadvantages for AI image processing, such as changes in video quality caused by individual cable differences, deterioration over time, and connector wear, which are seen in analog data transmission.

The THine Group is developing its enterprises under two pillars: its LSI business, which leads the world in the field of high-speed interfaces and image-processing technology, and its AIOT business, which creates intellectual property and provides various solutions in the field of AI and IoT.


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*”V-by-One (R)” is a registered trademark of THine Electronics, Inc.

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