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These 5 Tips and Tricks on the new ColorOS 12 by OPPO will enhance your daily usage

As OPPO has officially launched a new ColorOS 12 version, based on Android 12, has greatly improved its features on design, fluency, ease of use, security and privacy for an optimized overall user experience. 

The ColorOS 12 is a system where users can engage creatively with fun 3D animated Omoji, multitask their daily schedule while managing the input and output of their multitude of documents and media files. It is an operating system where users can have better control over their mobile experiences.  Here are 5 tips and tricks about ColorOS 12 to help you get the most out of it.

  1. PC Connect

With the help of PC Connect, transfer speeds between PC and phone can reach up to 45 MB/s, enabling users to connect their smartphones with compatible Windows computers. Users can not only share screens but also transfer files, sync notifications, and more.

  1. Reducing Visual Noise 

One of the central ideas around the design of ColorOS 12 has been the reduction of visual noise. By fine-tuning colors and adjusting the density of information, the design team has created a simplified layout that allows key information to stand out.

  1. One-tap Power Saving

On ColorOS 12, users can detect power consumption issues and extend battery life with just one tap. On the Battery Settings page, users are presented with different power saving options detailing how much power they could save by closing certain apps or disabling certain functions. These can then be implemented with just one tap. ColorOS 12 also comes equipped with even more power saving options, including: disabling background activities, enabling auto brightness, disabling high performance mode, disabling 5G, disabling GPS, setting the auto screen-off time to 30s, and more.

  1. Phone Manager

To give users more control over their phone and more trust in their device, ColorOS 12 has further optimized the Phone Manager app to allow users to quickly find the security functions they want. Phone Manager features are spread across two tabs: Home and Tools. The Home tab provides an overall security score based on current settings and provides access to other frequently used security functions such as privacy permissions, app management, battery health, block and filter. The Tools tab integrates app management, privacy protection, data management, personal safety, and device security functions, making the security functions easier to interact with.

  1. FlexDrop

With FlexDrop, it helps to increase productivity and ease of use through effective multi-tasking. App windows can be resized as small or mini windows to manage multiple apps simultaneously. Users can then smoothly switch between different apps with just a single tap which will benefit its users the most.

Are you ready for ColorOS 12? Let us know what you think of the features for ColorOS at the comments as well!

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