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The new Jackson’s Fried Chicken menu in Malaysia delivers a new localised flavour and we get to taste it too!

Jackson’s Fried Chicken is introducing its new menu in Malaysia with a more localised flavour by incorporating local delights such as the Nasi Lemak and other sweet tooth options.

Sayantan Das, Managing Director of foodpanda Malaysia revealed his delight in the new menu. “The concept of combining local cuisine with international flavours is the new creative fusion that is gaining popularity today. We are excited to partner with Jackson’s to deliver honestly good fried chicken and more to hungry Malaysians.

The new menu consists of Nasi Lemak with Jackson’s Popcorn Chicken (original flavour or spicy flavour), Chicken Porridge (original flavour or spicy flavour), Double Chocolate Muffin, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin, Biscoff Baked Cheesecake, Burnt Cheesecake and Crispy Cheesy Wedges.

Jackson’s Fried Chicken has also send their new menu for us to try. Starting off with Nasi Lemak with Jackson’s Popcorn Chicken, the Nasi Lemak is quite fragrant while the sambal is definitely quite spicy here which is best to served together. The Popcorn Chicken is taste well as it is seasoned properly and definitely won’t feel oily. By the way, the portion for the Nasi Lemak with Jackson’s Popcorn Chicken is pretty filling for 1 pax.

The Crispy Cheesy Wedges is one of my favourite because who doesn’t love cheese and wedges. The wedges are soft and crispy to bite and it has cheese sauce and mayonnaise. Great to snack when you’re watching or binging the TV. As for the Chicken Porridge, I felt it needed a bit more seasoning because it tasted quite bland. There are some chicken cutlets inside which is seasoned well and soft to chew. The Chicken Porridge

Last but not least, I’ve tried the Biscoff Baked Cheesecake. It tasted nice and the sweetness is adequate, perfect for those who loved not too sweet dessert. The slice Burnt Cheesecake portion is perfect for kids and adults.

You can orders the new Jackson’s Fried Chicken menu today through foodpanda by clicking here.

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