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‘The Incident’ is a Malaysian short film shot with vivo X60 Pro

The screening of “The Incident” at Golden Screen Cinemas, 1 Utama. From left: Pauline Tan, Phua Chandler, Chong Keat Aun, Firdaus Farmizi and Yise Loo.

‘The Incident’ was recently premiered in Malaysia at Golden Screen Cinemas, 1 Utama by vivo Malaysia and currently available on vivo Malaysia’s YouTube and Facebook Page. The short film was inspired by a true story and was shot on the latest vivo X60 Pro, tells the heart-warming story of a doting mother who single-handedly cared for her young son after the untimely demise of her husband during the pandemic. The short film aims to inspire Malaysians during these challenging times and to shine a light of hope despite of the uncertain circumstances. 

‘The Incident’ features an all-Malaysian cast including Pauline Tan, a Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 finalist, who plays the role of single mother, Yee Cheng. She is joined alongside veteran actress Adibah Noor and actor Yuen Teng, who makes a memorable cameo, along with newcomer, Phua Chandler, who plays the role of a young boy who shows perseverance and grit despite the hardships in life. You can watch the film on vivo Malaysia’s Facebook Page as well.

Chong Keat Aun, the film’s director and recipient of the Golden Horse Award for Best New Director, said, “It is heartening to see Malaysians helping one another amidst a new normal which has yet to precede us. As we learn to adapt and do so with the strength lent by the ones around us, we look forward to a new day with a renewed light of hope. This has been our source of inspiration for the film and we wanted to depict a story which is true to Malaysians in these times. Through the vivo X60 Pro, we were able to bring this idea to life and it truly marks a new era for budding filmmakers who are looking to unleash their creativity and share it with the world.”

With the X60’s Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 feature and Extreme Night Vision 2.0 feature , the vivo X60 Pro came up tops by producing crystal clear shots each time and were key qualities in bringing ‘The Incident’ to life. You can watch the behind the scenes of the team shot the film with the X60 Pro.

The film soundtrack was composed by songwriter-musician Yise Loo and director Chong Keat Aun. The nostalgic medley entitled “疫外之光” or “Light of Hope” is an audio representation of a parent’s struggle during trying times and is sung by Malaysian singer Firdhaus Farmizi. Fondly known as Fei Dao Er in China, Firdaus’ songs gain popularity on Douyin, catapulting the singer to stardom.

In case if you’re interested with the vivo X60 Pro in Malaysia, click the link here and here to find out about the device.

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