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The CPC: Why and How It Works in China

BEIJING, Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — An article by China.org.cn on the Communist Party of China:


China’s political system, especially the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s status as the only ruling party, has been challenged by some Western countries for a long time. Such a challenge lingers despite the country’s success in developing into the world’s second largest economy and creating many miracles.

It’s by no means fortuitous that the CPC can lead the Chinese people to such great achievements, which are attributable to the CPC’s traits.

Every political party has aspirations, but the aspirations of each party can be very different from each other. While many political parties scramble for power and profit in service to their respective groups, the CPC represents the interests of the broadest possible majority of the Chinese people.

The CPC has mechanisms for selecting and appointing officials on the basis of merit and ability.

The standards and procedures used by a political party to select officials are extremely important, because these directly determine whether or not the party in question can maintain its advanced nature and purity and remain a vital and cohesive organization. The requirements for building the ranks of Party officials include that it shall select officials on the basis of their merits and not their origins, that it shall choose candidates based on their moral integrity and professional competence, and that it shall resolutely oppose localism and nepotism. The emphasis on the development of their abilities by incrementally moving them to higher positions according to their performance and giving them the experiences of working in multiple positions. These concepts, principles, and systems are playing an increasingly large role in the development of the official ranks, and are receiving growing recognition from other political parties.

The CPC has the courage to reform itself. The CPC is not only equipped with the prowess to lead social revolution, but also the courage to reform itself. This has allowed it to form the abilities and mechanisms necessary to purify, improve, and reform itself, ensuring that it can, by its own initiative, rectify any problems that arise within itself.

It is a ruling party’s ability to make prudent and logical decisions that determines whether or not a country can develop well. China has adopted the CPC-led multi-party cooperation system, with the CPC holding power and the eight other democratic parties participating in state affairs and supervising the CPC. Different from two-party or multi-party competition systems of Western countries, the multi-party cooperation system has endowed China with the advantages of long-term planning and the integration of resources, thus enabling it to solve complex problems and further reforms.

Thanks to the CPC’s adoption of the reform and opening-up policy in 1978 and the socialist market economy later on, China has seen remarkable progress over the past few decades that has taken almost a century for other countries to achieve.

The CPC has demonstrated its strong leadership abilities throughout the historical process of leading the people toward the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

China’s rapid response to COVID-19 outbreak in January and rigid epidemic-control measures taken to win the fight against the virus has once again highlighted the unique nature and advantages of the Chinese political system.

A Chinese saying goes that “only your feet know whether your shoes fit well”. The leadership of the CPC is the choice of the Chinese people. The political development and national conditions of modern China called for a socialist political system with Chinese characteristics, and that is the multi-party cooperation system. This system has contributed to China’s economic rise, the profound changes in its citizens’ lives and the country’s increasingly important role on the world stage. All of these achievements testify to the wisdom of the Chinese people’s choice.

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The CPC: Why and How It Works in China

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