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“The Catcher”, a Malaysian car racing movie is expected to released in 2023

On 3rd October, Hundred Years Popcorn Production Sdn Bhd held a press conference to announced the release of “The Catcher”, a Malaysian car racing movie. The movie is slated to released in 2023.

The event was officiated by Mr Ong Peng Chu, founder of Hundred Years Popcorn Production Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Sri Jeffrey Teoh, Founder of Robotz, and Mr Burhanudin bin Mohd Yusoff, CEO of Labuan Overseas Holding Berhad.

The movie is in collaboration with Labuan Overseas Holding Berhad and Robotz while it will be produced by Hundred Years Popcorn Sdn Bhd. During the event, it was noted the movie will have a budget of more than RM 50 million. The Catcher tells the story of a talented young village boy who works hard to defeat opponents from all around the world with heavily modified performance supercars. The reps are claiming it will feature an astounding 500 supercars throughout the movie.

The announcement also confirmed that Mr Joe Hun Beng Lim aka Joe Lim is appointed as Advisory in positioning the engineering and technical aspects. He used to be the Deuty Chairman and General Manager for Zhuhai International Circuit.

As of now, the script for the movie is set to be finalized and casting will begin soon. The production will commence in 2022 and expected to complete in 2023.

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