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The Alley with Super Ring launches all-new Super Cruncheese in Malaysia and it tasted….surprisingly good?!

Behold the The Alley x Super Ring’s latest cheesy beverage, Super Cruncheese (芝芝脆奶)

Today, the Alley Malaysia has partnered with Super Ring to launch a new cheesy beverage, Super Cruncheese (芝芝脆奶). The beverage is slated to be available from 15th August onwards for a limited time at all The Alley outlets across Malaysia (excluding the Genting Highlands outlet) at only RM18.90. Served in cold only and fans can also pre-order it on the BANM ALLEY mobile app from 12th – 14th of August and receive a RM2 discount.

The Super Cruncheese is the combination of Super Ring snacks, milk, caramel sauce, and cane sugar. The beverage is then garnished with more crushed Super Ring bits followed by brown sugar whipped cream and topped with more Super Rings. Fans can enjoy the mix of strong caramel aroma and milk as well as savouriness from the cheese while indulging in the beverage. 

To fully grasp and enjoy the experience of drinking this unique beverage, fans would have to bite a piece of the Super Ring garnished on top, stir the beverage evenly three to five times and immediately after, take a satisfying sip of the beverage. This way the entirety of the Super Cruncheese drink will be enjoyed the right way and in every gulp.

I’ve managed to get one cup of the Super Cruncheese for tasting and I was anticipating it to deliver weird experience. The weird thing, the drink do deliver a surprisingly good taste. Once you’ve mixed the drink (and took a photo/video for the ‘gram), the drink deliver a blast of sweet and cheesy sensation to your tongue and mouth. If you have tasted before Super Ring, you definitely can feel its flavour which is good for Malaysian fans. My only nitpick is that too much cream on the drink but I think it was needed to hold the 3 Super Ring on top of the drink. If you need me to rate and recommend the drink, I will give a 7.5 out of 10 and recommend to try one today for fans of Super Ring snack.

So, are you going to get the drink soon? Let us know in the comments!

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