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The 129th Canton Fair Promotes Chinese Agricultural Supplies Online to Global Businesses

GUANGZHOU, China, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 129th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is showcasing more than 20,000 food and agricultural products from 707 industry exhibitors online. Ranging from candies, snack food, tea, wine and beverages, seafood, fruits and vegetables, grains, oils, rice, noodles and beans, canned food to food condiments and food packaging, the exhibition presents a complete food and agricultural supply chain which has huge market potential for global businesses.

The 129th Canton Fair Promotes Chinese Agricultural Supplies Online to Global Businesses

The 129th Canton Fair Promotes Chinese Agricultural Supplies Online to Global Businesses

“The Canton Fair has been seen as a barometer for international trade business with China, and in recent years, Chinese food products have become increasingly popular among our buyers thanks to their premium quality,” said Maggie Pu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair.

Processed food producers bring healthy options to the global market

The total import and export trade volume of China’s agricultural products has been rising for years. In 2020, Chinese agricultural exports reached 76.04 billion USD, with top markets including ASEAN, Japan, the European Union, the United States and South Korea. As China has signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), its products will be more open to the regional markets. China’s qualified rate of food safety remains above 99.9 percent

To meet various needs, the Canton Fair exhibitors such as soy sauce manufacturers are bringing new products to the show, allowing buyers to have more options for processed food. They have introduced organic soy sauce, low-sodium soy sauce and a new soy sauce that is specifically developed for children.

Formerly poor regions encouraged to present their signature agricultural products

The Canton Fair is also seeking for mutual development by helping buyers explore the undiscovered Chinese food and agricultural products from less-developed regions and supporting poverty alleviation.

Many “Chinese taste”, such as seabuckthorn juice which contains rich vitamin supplements, organic camellia oil, wine produced from grapes in plateaus, wild Ganoderma lucidum and high-mountain green tea, are extremely welcomed in global market for their unique flavor. However, their suppliers are hard to find since they are located in the far, less-developed areas with limited transportation and resources to reach international buyers.

To connect potential buyers with these suppliers, the 129th Canton Fair has set up a special zone for rural vitalization, showcasing 1,160 companies from 22 provinces free of charge. These companies, many of which are agricultural and food producers, are now able to open up their businesses to the global buyers, helping them further expand their market reach.

Since its 122nd session, the Canton Fair has provided 6,084 companies from less-developed areas with 8,105 booths for free, which is worth 86.69 million RMB (13. 27 million USD), driving export transactions of more than 1.7 billion USD.

For more information, please register at https://buyer.cantonfair.org.cn/en/register/selectiveId and stay tuned for more exciting news of the Canton Fair.

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