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Temporary road closures in PJ for MCIS Life Malaysia Women Marathon on 29th May 2022

The organisers of the MCIS Life Malaysia Women Marathon 2022 has announced of there will be temporary road closures and traffic diversions at Petaling Jaya. This is due to the staging of the MCIS Life Malaysia Women Marathon 2022.

A total of nine roads in Petaling Jaya will be closed on 29th May 2022 (Sunday) from 3:00am to 9:30am. The affected roads and road closure times are as follows:

  • Jalan Timur & Persiaran Barat (3am -10am)
  • Jalan Changgai (3am – 8am)
  • Jalan Selangor (3am – 8am)
  • Jalan Utara at Brickfields Asia College section (4am-9.30am)
  • Jalan Kemajuan intersection with Jalan Prof Khoo Kay Khim (4am -9.30am)
  • Jalan Templer to Jalan PP Narayanan (3am – 8.00am)
  • Jalan Khoo Kay Khim to Jalan Harapan (3.30am – 9am)
  • Jalan University (Prof Khoo Kay Kim) – Jalan 17/1 [partial closure]
    (3.30am -9am)
  • Jalan Kemajuan (3.30am – 9.15am)

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