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TEAM WANG design: A Whole New COOKIES – BE BALLOON Fall-Winter Collection

Break definition, march toward the future with a multi-angle vision

SHANGHAI, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TEAM WANG design’s whole new COOKIES – BE BALLOON fall-winter collection officially launched on December 24th, 2022. As an extension of the previous themed pop-up feature, TEAM WANG design has physicalized the balloon elements of the new season by curating a BE BALLOON pop-up store at Taikoo Li Qiantan in Shanghai and inviting the public to embark on a self-rising experience.


In light of the core brand spirit “KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY”, Jackson WANG, the designer and creative director of TEAM WANG design, draws inspiration from the balloon. Borrowing the metaphor of balloons rising toward the boundless sky, he hopes the consumers could stick to themselves, get rid of the burden of social labels, relax and brave the wind to fly beyond limits. Balloon inspires the new collection design and offers an answer to the brand’s perpetual discussion on “self-exploration” – BE BALLOON, BE UNTOUCHABLE. According to Henry Cheung, the co-founder and CEO of TEAM WANG design, as we ascend and break through the thresholds of different life stages, we’ll gain a more comprehensive and transparent vision that allows us no longer drifting with the crowd nor being affected by the surroundings, thus enabling us to explore the possibilities with a firm belief in ourselves.

TEAM WANG design COOKIES – BE BALLOON collection is a new edition based on COOKIES’ classics throughout past seasons, embodying the brand’s aesthetics and imagination. BE BALLOON upholds the characteristics of the COOKIES collection and gathers the brand’s iconic black color and minimalism with the “EYELET” element integrated throughout the design. Moreover, the new collection has further enriched the ways to present TEAM WANG design’s brand logo and interpreted the balloon concept with design techniques such as deconstruction and patchwork. It is noticeable that the BE BALLOON collection reflects the brand’s signature aesthetic and diligent pursuit of details.

In the previously released COOKIES – BE BALLOON campaign, TEAM WANG design used the simple yet embracing color black, paired with the freely rising balloon, to present the dynamic image where the INVISIBLE MAN freely travels in the balloon universe through open and flowing visual effects. As the brand’s signature image, the INVISIBLE MAN, dressed in the BE BALLOON series, assembling around the balloons and leaps in the air. As they fly up and gradually away from the crowd, they are no longer confined by the boundaries of the space and gain a comprehensive view. The balloon flying at different heights represents the vision of different stages of life, which is also the idea conveyed by the brand; the life journey is like the rising of balloon, where we don’t need to care about others’ judgments or the social bias, and if we stick to ourselves and keep rising, we can fly to a future full of possibilities.

As a trendy and multicultural hub, Taikoo Li Qiantan has become an optimal platform for reaching the young community. With the BE BALLOON collection launch, TEAM WANG design presented a pop-up store at Taikoo Li Qiantan, showcasing a modernist space with various balloon installations running through the exterior and the interior. The giant black balloons are placed in different open areas at Taikoo Li, attracting consumers from all directions to follow the lead and explore the space. Inside the exhibition space, the freewheeling balloon installations echo the concept video, and the artistic INVISIBLE MAN replaces the conventional models to present new items innovatively, allowing visitors to engage in a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery. 

Since its foundation, TEAM WANG design always has adhered to the brand’s core spirit and vision – “KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY”, and is committed to creating products of unique aesthetics and attitude. The journey of bringing new ideas and self-transcendence is like a rising balloon. Each action taken by the brand during the process has contributed to a more comprehensive vision that steers its innovation and excellence to new heights and supports the brand in making new history.

For each new collection release, TEAM WANG design would adopt a distinctive perspective to present the connection among “sports, art, fashion, attitude, culture”. In conjunction with products, events and art installations, the brand strives to link more like-minded consumers through the holistic experience and convey that “fashion is not only about wearing the best brands but more about finding your own style and confidence. “

Looking back on the journey of TEAM WANG design, the brand has spread its footprint from Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenzhen in China to Bangkok and Singapore. With an evolving strategy based on a global perspective, the brand aspires to bring the power of China’s new generations into the global fashion industry. As the concept conveyed by the new BE BALLOON collection, the balloon’s goal progresses as it rises; in the future, TEAM WANG design will persist in supplying trendsetting products that are in tune with the youth community as well as spreading the brand’s spirit and culture to more places across the world.

Release Information

TEAM WANG design’s COOKIES – BE BALLOON collection officially released on TEAM WANG design’s official website/WeChat mini program on December 24th, 2022.

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Official WeChat mini program: TEAMWANGdesign
Official website: www.teamwangdesign.com

Central Park L2 C-L2-02&03
Open: December 24th, 2022January 15th, 2023

Club 21 Siam Discovery (Men), M floor
Open: December 24th, 2022January 15th, 2023

About TEAM WANG design

TEAM WANG design is a luxury streetwear label founded by Jackson Wang, co-founded by Henry Cheung, and based in Shanghai, China. The brand embodies spirit and legacy with its slogan “KNOW YOURSELF, MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY”.


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