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TAICCA to Launch the Taiwanese-wave with the 2021 Taiwan Creative Content Fest Market

Planned and produced by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency

TAIPEI, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Proceeding last year’s success of 800 online and in-person matchmaking session, reaching an extended transaction value of USD$32 million, the 2021 Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) will bring a bigger and more impressive lineup of film, TV, publication, animation, comics, games, and performing arts content to the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from Nov. 10 to 14.

TCCF is Taiwan’s first content market event organized by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) that integrates various industries and content, and contributes to the film and TV industry’s copyright deals and production proposals, at the same time encouraging adaptations of intellectual property (IP) across industries to build an one-stop IP industry.

Last year’s Taiwan Creative Content Fest matched hundreds of pieces of work to be exported at an estimated total value of USD$32 million, which was quite the feat. The photo is of last year’s trading scene. (Courtesy of TAICCA)

As a response to the pandemic, this year’s event will have market matching and transactions, OTT services and immersive content to be conducted both online and in-person, and will be launching three main events: “The Market”, “The Forum”, and “The Expo”. Domestic and international buyers are invited to participate, as well as the public, to experience Taiwan’s extremely innovative immersive content.

TAICCA CEO Izero LEE believes that Taiwan’s diverse cultures and history allows the island to cultivate creations that not only perform well in major exhibitions overseas, but also attract international investors, including HBO and Netflix, to co-produce content in Taiwan. Multiple examples prove that Taiwanese projects have begun to receive attention from the global market. In order to process this “Taiwan wave” into monetary value, the Taiwan Creative Content Fest, with the cultural content trade market at its heart, has become an important medium.

TCCF also introduces good quality content to domestic and international buyers through pitching and showcases. The photo shows last year’s showcase. (Courtesy of TAICCA)

According to data from last year’s TCCF content market, Sanlih E-Television’s shows “Here Comes Fortune Star” and “Mother to Be” had their copyrights sold to Malaysia, and TVBS’s show “Magic Moment” had its international copyrights sold to iQiyi International, while the TV show “Dear Bad Guy”(provisional translation) received investment from a Hollywood production company, and Creative Century’s “CODE” series’ content copyrights were sold to South Korea’s ELEVEN Entertainment Company. All show Taiwanese productions are diverse and are popular in different countries.

Something to look forward to is this year’s TCCF will hold seven additional pitching and showcases, each with a specialized theme and geared towards genres like TV series, feature films, animation, children and young adult, etc., to guide investors in discovering the subjects they have in mind. As to broaden the adaptation and use of Taiwan’s original manuscripts and comics, TAICCA has launched an IP Meetup platform where buyers can search for publications for TV, film, and other content adaptation, opening up Taiwan’s original content to the international market.

TCCF not only integrates TV and film copyrights, it also does the same for animation, comics and publications as to launch a one-stop content market event, allowing the industry to connect with the global market through each year’s event. Last year’s event is shown in the photo. (Courtesy of TAICCA)

Over 130 groups of local and international companies and content creators will be attending this year’s event, with over 800 works, and another 60 proposals will be participating in matchmaking events, a number much higher than last year. LEE hopes that TAICCA not only promotes each creative content industry, but also encourages cross-industry integration and networking. More information on the Taiwan Creative Content Fest can be found on https://tccf.taicca.tw/.

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