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Suit For Everybody, A Magic Stretch Swimsuit Just Launched By Popvil

SHANGHAI, Nov. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It may still be chilly across most of the States, but warm weather is  right around the corner, which means swimsuits are on people’s minds. As somebody who has spent much of her life hating swimwear shopping and despising all types of bikinis, Popvil just came out with a swimsuit fit solution that one size fits all body types and launch it recently.

For those new to the brand, Popvil is created as a highly personalized swimwear brand to empower all women and girls to attain real self-love. The brand’s had its new innovative collection, magically stretchy swimsuit, a super flexible and thick nylon yarn with a ribbed texture that stretches and moves with the body. This multi-way stretch fabric allows it to make such a broad sizing claim. Each bathing suit is seven sizes in one, made to “comfortably fit a US size 2 to 14.” The nylon fabric makes it stretch in all directions to provide coverage across all different bodies, accommodating weight changes, age changes, puberty, and pregnancy.

More surprisingly, this godsend does come at a price — around $30$40 for either a one-piece or bikini. It makes life way easier than hunting around for a swimsuit only to find it’s way out of the price range.

To learn more about POPVIL, visit WWW.POPVIL.COM.

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