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STO Awarded Grand Prix at 14th A.N.D. Award 2020

  • Awarded with Korea’s biggest digital media award for Travel/Leisure
  • Proved objective excellence of the Discover Seoul Pass website
  • STO will continue to enhance the convenience of individual tourists and support the travel industry through Discover Seoul Pass

SEOUL, South Korea, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Seoul Tourism Organization (STO; President Jaesung Rhee) was awarded Grand Prix for Travel/Leisure at the 14th A.N.D Award 2020, Korea’s biggest digital media award ceremony.

A.N.D. Award 2020’s Grand Prix trophy for “Travel/Leisure”

A.N.D. Award 2020’s Grand Prix trophy for “Travel/Leisure”

The STO’s Discover Seoul Pass website was awarded Grand Prix for Travel/Leisure at the 14th A.N.D. Award 2020 for enhancing the travel convenience of individual international tourists and supporting the travel industry.

Previously, the STO was awarded Winner (Runner-Up) for Travel/Leisure at the 11th A.N.D. Award 2017 in recognition of its contribution to the digital industry and excellence as the official brand of Seoul’s experience tourism One More Trip (OMT).

Celebrating 14th anniversary this year, A.N.D Award is Korea’s biggest digital media award ceremony organized by the Korea Digital Enterprise Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO).

At A.N.D. Award 2020, winners of 64 fields under 2 categories were selected through strict and fair screening by authoritative judges, including digital industry experts and industry heads.

The Grand Prix award is an acknowledgment for the excellence of the revamped Discover Seoul Pass website and the applied IT technologies while reinforcing the position of Discover Seoul Pass as the nation’s archetypal tour pass.

The Discover Seoul Pass website was revamped focusing on the enhancement of accessibility, easy delivery of information, application of intuitive UI/UX, smooth graphic design, and mobile services. Its design harmonizing traditional and modern images of Seoul also received favorable acclaim.

The website also reflected the latest tour trends, including the often-changing operational statuses of tourist attractions due to COVID-19, Discover Seoul Pass-affiliated online/offline stores, and information on tourist destinations.

Discover Seoul Pass is improving the convenience of both online and offline users through efforts such as its revamped website, a new card design, an expanded number of pass-accepted tourist attractions (152 spots as of 2021), and safe tour services in Seoul.

Director PARK, Jin Hyeok of the STO’s Tourism Services Team remarked, “We will expand various pass products and benefits to improve the tour convenience of domestic and international tourists of Seoul,” and added, “We will make our website more convenient for using the pass with a digital interface suitable for the contact-free era.”

Revamped Discover Seoul Pass website
Revamped Discover Seoul Pass website

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