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#stayathome with Galaxy: Staying healthy with your Samsung Health

While the Movement Control Order (MCO) is going to extend in Malaysia, this doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy and fit. As most of us still can’t access the gym or run along your favorite route, modern technology has evolved to help us to achieve your fitness goals.

Fortunately for Galaxy users, Samsung Health provides many programs and trackers to help you stay active and healthy while #stayathome. All you need is to take a few seconds to set up your goals and the app will give you a range of fitness programs tailored to different needs, including stretching, toning, and endurance building. From diet and exercise trackers to meditation guides, the app offers simple and easy ways to help you maintain your well-being.

So let’s check out some tips to learn more about Samsung Health:

Keep Your Workouts Fresh

  • With Samsung Health on the Galaxy Watch series, you can easily start various indoor workouts to keep challenging yourself.
    • How to find new exercises for your workouts on Galaxy Watch:
      • Tap the Samsung Health icon on the home screen
      • Scroll down and select Workout icon
      • Tap Workout icon to access different exercise trackers
      • Select an exercise to start tracking
  • Find new workout ideas and tailored fitness programs in Samsung Health’s ‘Discover’ section.
    • How to access fitness programs:
      • Tap ‘Discover’ at the bottom right-hand corner of Samsung Health’s home screen
      • Select ‘Programs’

Track Your Diet

  • Keep track of your meals to ensure your diet is balanced. Samsung Health also lets you easily monitor your daily water and coffee intake.

Take a Moment to Breathe and Relax 

  • Remember to give your mind and body a rest after a busy day working from home. 
    • By measuring your heart rate and other factors, Stress tracker lets you know when you need to take a break.
      • Select Stress
      • Measure your current stress level
    • Try a Breathing exercise to calm your mind and body.
  • Stay stress free by following a wide range of guided meditations powered by Calm* in Samsung Health.
    • How to access Calm:
      • Select ‘Discover’ at the bottom right-hand corner of Samsung Health’s home screen.
      • Select ‘Mindfulness’
* Availability of Calm in Samsung Health varies by country and region. Features and services available may also vary by country and region.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

  • Keeping to a regular bedtime schedule is key to maintaining your wellbeing. Monitor your sleep patterns and keep track of your nighttime habits to improve sleep quality.
    • How to view your sleeping patterns on Galaxy Watch
      • Tap the Samsung Health icon on the home screen
      • Scroll down and select Sleep icon Sleep

Hopefully with this tips you will know how to fully utilised the Samsung Health app. While we are busy with remote working, it is good to have an app to constantly reminding us about our daily activities and habits so we can maintain a successful diet and lead healthy lifestyle. To know more about Samsung lifestyle products, do visit www.samsung.com/my.

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