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Stay on track with Samsung’s Reminder app

As more people are working remotely now, many people are finding it hard to balance with work, house chores and exercise. To overcome this, one must be constantly setting a reminder to keep up with important tasks.

If you’re using the Samsung Galaxy phone series, the phone is installed with Samsung’s Reminder app. The Reminder app will give the user alerts based on the time of day or your location to make it easier to stay on top of your daily routines. 

If you’re trying to stay fit during working remotely, the Reminder app will be your best workout friend. The app allows you to set location-based reminders to trigger at certain times of the day so you can remind yourself to get in a home workout in the evenings.

You can even set a reminder like to remember to let your house get ventilated. Good ventilation has shown to reduce the spread of infectious disease and improve decision-making and cognitive function. Reminders are also important to assist your hygiene and cleanliness like washing your hands after shopping for groceries. 

Hopefully this tips will help you to maintain a good habit and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe and stay productive.

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