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Watch Malaysia’s Stay@Home Online Search for Models, Beauty Queens and Talents on 31st May

Missing those models and talents search reality show? There will be a Malaysian model search reality show called ‘Stay@Home Online Search for Models, Beauty Queens and Talents’ competition which will be airing on the organizer’s FB page and YouTube channel (search for “Selangor Fashion Week”) on the 31st May 2020. The competition is organized by Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) organisation and its a virtual offshoot of The Next Look (TNL) of Selangor Fashion Week (SFW). and will be 100 % online production to be broadcasted LIVE to the public as a groundbreaking reality TV show.

With the platform, aspiring talents can educate and improve themselves while exploring new opportunities and possibilities, rather than worrying about problems or complaining about the struggle. It makes them actively do something about it while making progress, one step at a time.

MMK will also be conducting 100% live events & conferences by featuring its partners, sponsors, various industry leaders & relevant authorities, in interviews with our upcoming TV hosts.

Some of the topics of discussion will include discussions about moving forward with the new era with an objective to promote , encourage online events by taking advantage of the SFW TV Channel, in the hopes of creating more educational centric online activities that will prepare us for the new normal.

This program will start at end of May 2020 and will be turned into a regular TV series.

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