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Start rocking in 2021 with JOOX’s Gegaran Band featuring Kugiran Masdo, IamNeeta, Caliph Buskers, Madam, One Avenue Band, Azarra Band and Drama Band

JOOX will be presenting it’s 2021 edition of “Gegaran Band”, the third JOOX ORIGINALS series, continuing its streak of highlighting the best artists in Malaysia’s vibrant music scene.  

“Gegaran Band” had gathered some of Malaysia’s hottest bands to produce fresh original songs to be exclusively released on JOOX. The local bands that has confirmed joining on board with JOOX are Kugiran MasdoIamNeetaCaliph BuskersMadamOne Avenue BandAzarra Band and Drama Band. 

Fans will soon be able to listen to the whole “Gegaran Band” series exclusively on JOOX and will eventually be followed up by music videos on the artists’ YouTube channel as soon as possible. Along with JOOX karaoke function, Malaysian and international fans is ready to sing on-the-go.  

Angie Tan, Head of JOOX Malaysia, said, “Given the overwhelming response we received from Malaysian music fans on the first two JOOX ORIGINALS series, we will start a rocking new year featuring Malaysia’s hottest pop and rock bands. We are thrilled to have an incredibly strong line-up for the third project series and to continue boosting the local music scene by providing it with more great original tunes.”  

Pop-rock band Kugiran Masdo’s new single titled “Lautan Asmara” – a song written by the band’s frontman Ali Sariah about secretly being in love, kicked off the “Gegaran Band” series. Alternative rock outfit IamNeeta soon followed suit with their own JOOX-exclusive single “Lampu Hijau” on 29th January.  

The music will flow smoothly all throughout February and March with tracks to be dished out by the visually impaired, incredibly talented Caliph Buskers (3rd February); powerful rockers Madam (19th February); and rock balladeers One Avenue Band (26th February).  

Quirky pop-rockers Azarra Band and the energetic Drama Band are set to deliver their songs on JOOX next month, so music lovers all over the country should be on standby! 

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