Spicy affair as 7-Eleven Malaysia introduces 8 Spicy Potato Chips and spicy fresh foods

7-Eleven Malaysia has announced they are introducing eight spicy potato chips for Malaysians to step up their “tahan pedas” game.

Let’s start off with the exclusive Wise Cottage Fries New York Spicy Burger. With a mild spicy taste, you get to enjoy the full flavour this classic smoky grilled snack has to offer. Definitely great for those wants a little bit of spice.

Moving on next is the exclusive 7-Eleven Hot & Spicy Potato Chips. The company claimed the limited-edition snack tastes slightly sweet and tangy with a spicy kick that does not overwhelm its other exquisite flavours. 

If you want to take the heat to another notch, the 7-Eleven Corn Snack (Hot & Spicy) and the 7-Eleven Wasabi Potato Chips will deliver a perfect amount of crunch and will definitely work up a sweat.

If you’re really fancied with something even spicier, the exclusive Herr’s Reaper will keep your brave tastebuds entertained with each crunch.

If you still want bolder and spicier potato chips, the Corntoz Spicy Buldak, Lay’s Max Ghost Pepper, and Samyang Extreme Buldak Zzaldduk Snack is the next pick. Before you open them up, get a chilled cup of Slurpee and get ready for a real spicy deal.

Apart from spicy potato chips, 7-Eleven is also offering spicy Fresh Food range that includes the 7-Eleven Flamin Mac & Cheese, 7-Eleven Sushi Spicy Salmon Mentai Inari, and 7-Eleven Sushi Wasabi Abalone Inari. All the new exclusive and spicy delights are available at 7-Eleven stores in Peninsular Malaysia now.

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