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SPACE INVADERS CUBED aims to give a new twist of gameplay

Cubios Inc. and TAITO CORPORATION (TAITO) has signed a license agreement for SPACE INVADERS which allowed Cubios to create the SPACE INVADERS CUBED, a new version of the video game exclusively available on the WOWCube entertainment system.

For those who are first time hearing about WOWCube entertainment system, it is a one-of-a-kind device in the shape of a cube made of 8 connected cubic modules. Each module is a separate device, with three high-resolution screens and a CPU inside.

The company will start a pre-order campaign in the coming summer and ship the devices to the first buyers throughout the end of this year. The company also confirmed they are working on more than 30 different games, including arcade games, puzzles, logic and strategy games, educational apps with gamification, and many more for casual and more skillful players of all ages.

It will be be delivered with several games pre-installed, and the SPACE INVADERS CUBED will be among them.

Game development for the cube is a sophisticated process as the device has unique 3D geometry and hardware. Each game made for the WOWCube entertainment system, even a familiar one, adds a new dimension of perception towards the gameplay, and makes it even more fun and rewarding to progress level by level.

In the original version of the SPACE INVADERS, a user must destroy the enemy Invaders avoiding enemy fire by controlling their own ship. With the SPACE INVADERS CUBED version, the playing field is all over the cube, on all six sides of the device. The player interacts with the game by turning and tilting the cube. The user’s ship is moving following the position of the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. When the spacecraft is right opposite to the enemy, it starts to shoot automatically. By turning the cube, the user acquires the power to send an Invader’s ship to a remote corner of the universe many parsecs away. And when the player is ready, they can bring their spacecraft to that place and deal with the Invader. In this way, the player can split the enemy’s fleet and shoot the Invaders one by one. The cubed version of SPACE INVADERS may involve the user’s strategic thinking and cognitive skills, making the gaming process more absorbing and rewarding.

Credited to Cubios Inc and TAITO

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