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Sony Xperia 5 V heading to Malaysia market in Q4 2023

Sony has officially unveiled to world with the latest Xperia 5 V, which features the latest camera sensor “Exmor T for mobile” that offers a perfect point and shoot that can clearly capture human expression with beautiful skin textures.

First, let’s talk about the Xperia 5 V’s cameras. This year, it features dual rear camera setup to shoot with three focal lengths of 16mm, 24mm, and 48mm. 48mm is equivalent to 2x optical focal length, so you can capture the subjects of your images in a larger size without worrying about image quality deterioration.

The main camera is equipped with the latest sensor “Exmor T for mobile”, which is first debuted on Xperia 1 V. It offers clear and high-definition images regardless of the situation whether it be day/night or indoors/outdoors. The Exmor T for mobile is capable of reproduce the detail and natural texture of human skin and along with “Creative Look”, users can match different colours and tones according to the scene you are shooting without any post-editing. With the AI technology, bokeh mode has been greatly improved when compared to predecessor model.

For content creators, the Xperia 5 V now brings the new “Video Creator” app for automatic editing function to easily create video clips. Once you’ve decided the length of the clip, just select the photos or videos together with the music, and Video Creator will do the hard work so a final file is ready in about a minute. Even people who have no video editing experience can easily create original clips worthy of sharing on social media. You can also manually set your own preferences, such as clip adjustments and filter processing based on the creative look you are after.

Sony also equipped a dedicated voice recording mic on the device for prioritising the voice of the person you are recording and can be clearly picked up despite of other voices and environmental sounds in the surroundings.

If you’re someone that values entertainment on the go, the Xperia 5 V is the perfect choice to go with thanks to the new speaker amplifier with powerful deep bass and bright OLED display. The display is further enhanced for content viewing thanks to Sony’s TV “BRAVIA” high image quality engine “X1 for mobile”. 

With all the great features, the device need to last for a long time and Sony is claiming that the Xperia 5 V’s 5,000mAh battery lasts longer than other smartphones with the same capacity battery. Sony is optimising battery life with an power-saving technology that reduce power consumption to approximately 20% compared to the previous model. The company also claimed that even if you use your smartphone actively all day, the battery will remain at 50% or more. Xperia 5 V will support wireless charging and quick charging (up to 50% in 30 minutes) while Xperia’s unique charging optimisation technology prevents battery deterioration, so even after 3 years, the maximum capacity is maintained at 80% or more.

Powering the Xperia 5 V is the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Mobile Platform. Sony also added a bigger size heat diffusion sheet (by 40% compared to the previous mode) for an extremely effective heat dissipation measure and improved power consumption of the CPU.

Mobile gamers will be glad to hear that Game enhancer has a new theme colour but retains a host of winning support functions such as the L-γ (low gamma) laser, audio equalizer, voice chat mic and screen recording function which is useful when capturing and distributing content onto YouTube. Qualcomm’s Elite Gaming on the Xperia 5 V will support stable gameplay.

For the Malaysian market, it is available in Black as the camera and back panel are colour matched with an aesthetically pleasing matte finish that creates an impression of unity. Other notable feature for the device is a new accessibility feature on the Photography Pro which enables a sound to be played that lets you know whether the screen is horizontal, so people with visual impairments can capture a straight picture.

The packaging of Xperia 5 V uses Sony’s Original Blended Material, which is made from bamboo, sugar cane fibers and post-consumer recycled paper, and has achieved an individual package that completely eliminates plastic. In addition, some elements, both internal and external, of the main unit use SORPLAS, a flame-retardant recycled plastic developed by Sony that uses up to 99% recycled materials.

Malaysian consumers can pair the device with the Style Cover with Stand for Xperia 5 V (XQZ-CBDE) which is available as an optional accessory purchased separately. The slim shape that perfectly fits the smartphone makes it easy to hold and use not only for watching videos, but also for live streaming and video chat. Sony Malaysia has confirmed it will be a vailable in Black colour to match Xperia 5 V and it used SORPLAS as part of the materials within the Style Cover with Stand.

At the moment of writing, Sony Malaysia has confirmed that the Xperia 5 V will be available in Malaysia from Q4 2023.  

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