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Sony X-Series wireless speaker range coming to Malaysia, available with 3 variants

Sony has just announced the new X-Series range of X-Series wireless speakers, which consist of 3 models: SRS-XB700, SRS-XB500 and SRS-XG500. Riding with the tagline LIVE LIFE LOUD, the new speakers are specially designed to provide a powerful and wide-spreading sound to compliment any genre of music. 

Whether you’re dancing solo at indoor or jamming with your friends at outdoor, the new X-Series speakers offers a wide range of choices on sound quality, portability, durability and lighting. 

All three wireless speakers feature Sony’s innovative X-Balanced Speaker Units. The non-circular diaphragm gives more sound pressure and less distorted sound by maximising the area of the speaker, which means you’ll get a richer, clearer sound. The speakers also has MEGA BASS feature that provides deep and punchy bass. Together with LIVE SOUND mode, you can recreate that unique atmosphere and re-live your favourite music experiences, over and over again. 

What’s more amazing is the XP700 has three front High-efficiency Tweeters and one rear High-efficiency Tweeter delivering Omnidirectional Party Sound with punchy and deep bass and plenty of clarity.  Meanwhile, the XP500 and XG500 have two front High-efficiency tweeters that combine to give you Powerful Party Sound. The XG500 also has passive radiators that are optimised to reproduce clear bass sound.

The XG500 has an IP66 water resistant and dustproof rating that means you can bring music to just about anywhere. It is also made with durable water-repellent mesh that will keep the speaker dry and your music blasting. As for the XP700 and XP500, it has an IPX4 water resistant rating so you can still enjoy the music even a few raindrops fall.

Sony also claimed the XG500, XP700 and XP500 will have a longer battery life. If the speakers happened to run out of battery, all three wireless speakers has quick charging and Battery Care Mode to keep the battery back to 100% while increasing the lifespan of the battery.

Other features on the speakers are all-new ambient lighting, inputs for Microphone and/or Guitar, Party Connect, USB play, USB charging and compatible with both Sony | Music Center and Fiestable apps. Sony Malaysia has confirmed the SRS-XB700, SRS-XB500 and SRS-XG500 will be available in Malaysia from July 2021. So get ready to LIVE LIFE LOUD on this July 2021 with X-Series wireless speakers.

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