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Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida explains Sony’s latest Corporate Strategy Updates

Sony Group Corporation recently presented its corporate strategy from a long-term view at the Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting. CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, outlined his intention to drive the evolution and growth of the Sony Group around the axis of its Purpose, to media, investors and analysts.

Sony’s Purpose, or reason for existing, is to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.” It was defined in 2019 so that the 110,000 employees across Sony’s diverse businesses could move together along the same vector, and create value from a long-term perspective.

Following the event, Mr. Yoshida spoke to a member of Sony’s Corporate Communications team to share more information on the announcement, and his approach to this strategy. The interview also highlight Mr. Yoshida answering to five main questions regarding to the company’s plan:

Q1: Why I place such importance on Sony’s Purpose
Q2: What does it mean to connect to 1 billion people?
Q3: What is needed to strengthen collaboration between our diverse businesses?
Q4: Why did Sony create VISION-S?
Q5: Sony’s contribution in the area of sustainability

You can also check out the full interview in text at Sony Corporate Blog by clicking here.

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