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Snapchat releases new Memories and Explore Layers for Snap Map

Snapchat has announced the Snap Map will received the latest Layers feature as it will bring special experiences right into the platform. The new Layers feature marks the Map’s evolution from a product to a platform. With that, Snap is rolling out two original Layers: Memories and Explore.

Let’s learn what Memories and Explore can offer to Snapchat user:


As we round the end of the year, Snap is putting Snapchatters Memories on their Snap Map, allowing them to revisit their favourite moments, pegged to the places where they happened. (Note: This Layer will only show Snapchatters their own Memories, they cannot see friends’ Memories on their Snap Map) 


With Explore, Snap is introducing a reimagined viewport on Snap Map that builds on its signature Heat Map. Explore makes it easier for the Snapchatter community to experience other places through photos and videos submitted from other Snapchatters around the world. 

In this first iteration, Snapchatters will be able to toggle between Layers to customize the landscape, so they always can see exactly what they’re looking for – whether they’re in the mood to look back, or just look around. 

And, with partnered Layers from the likes of Ticketmaster coming soon that will help Snapchatters find upcoming shows, Snap is thrilled to deliver new innovative experiences for Snapchatters on Snap Map, and introduce new ways to find things to do with the people they love. 

To check out Snap Map Layers, visit the new drop down menu in the top right corner of Snap Map.

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