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SK to Showcase 40 Carbon Reduction Technologies at CES 2023

SK Group has unveiled a virtual image of “SK, Around Every Corner,” the exhibition hall to be showcased at “CES 2023,” the world’s largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition to be held in Las Vegas, the U.S. in January next year. SK plans to exhibit around 40 carbon reduction technologies to overcome the climate crisis at ‘CES 2023’

SK Group will showcase at CES 2023 a broad range of products and technologies from its companies and partners designed to help cut global carbon emissions.

SK’s booth will include products and technologies from eight of its companies – SK Inc., SK Innovation, SK E&S, SK Hynix, SK Telecom, SK Ecoplant, SKC and SK Biopharmaceuticals – along with 10 U.S.-based partner companies. The exhibit will reinforce SK’s commitment to investing in and growing sustainable businesses.

Action: Moving Toward a Carbon-Free Future Together

SK’s 2023 CES exhibit builds upon the commitment SK Group made at CES 2022 of reducing carbon emissions by 200 million tons by 2030, or 1% of the global carbon reduction targets needed to address climate change. This year’s exhibit will also encourage others to take action towards creating a more sustainable future.

The SK booth will be divided into two segments – the first which tangibly emphasizes how the world will be negatively impacted by extreme environmental issues if individuals and businesses do not address climate change. Viewers will then be guided into a second segment of the exhibit that will display how future cities can thrive if built around sustainable technologies. This segment will be broken into several zones including: Clean Mobility, Zero Carbon Lifestyle, Waste to Resources, Air Mobility and Future Energy.

“We’ve designed the SK exhibition hall in a way that visitors can clearly compare and experience the two futures that people on Earth might face when they actively engage in carbon reduction activities and when they do not,” said Hyunho Son, Vice President of Strategy Support Team for the SK SUPEX Council, a coordinating body across SK companies.

The Companies and Technologies

The carbon reduction technologies and products that SK and its partner companies will showcase span a wide range of applications including: electric vehicle (EV) batteries, renewable energy, high-efficiency semiconductors, waste-to-energy technology, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), nuclear small module reactors (SMR), urban air mobility (UAM), and advanced healthcare technology.

For 2023 CES, all of the participating SK companies and partner companies will come together with a goal of providing visitors a chance to experience how they are leading the charge towards a more sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

“We see achieving ‘Net Zero’ as providing new momentum in the era of ‘energy transition,'” Son said. “At this year’s CES, we will demonstrate the strides our operating companies have made in R&D and business competitiveness as they further develop eco-friendly technologies and solutions.”

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