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Singapore’s First Authentic Korean Skin Care Clinic Opens Its 4th Outlet at United Square

That Glow That Matters

SINGAPORE, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cheongdam, Singapore’s first authentic Korean concept in skin management and aesthetics, has opened the doors to its fourth outlet this January. This 1,636 sq ft premier clinic is located on Thomson Road, in the United Square Shopping Mall, and includes 6 treatment rooms, 3 doctor rooms, and 1 scalp room. Since its inception, Cheongdam has been helping people achieve dewy, flawless, and glass-like skin like their favourite Korean idols and celebrities at a reasonable price.

Cheongdam believes in “That Glow That Matters,” which emphasises their goal of making every client feel their best with bright, glowing skin.

The new outlet will offer the most coveted K-beauty products and laser treatments to pamper every specific skin need. From the first step through the glass doors, the sleek white façade and the brilliantly illuminated interior will beckon you into a space that offers a clean aesthetic consistent with Korean philosophy of purity and pristineness.

They also feature a Korean-style skincare bar where clients can mix and match pure, oxygen-enriched skincare products based on their skin type. The outlet also has rooms specifically designated for scalp treatments, facials, and aesthetic procedures.

“With the rise of K-pop and Korean dramas, the Korean beauty standard has evolved into the ideal skin: flawless, supple, and healthy,” said Tiffany Tan, Cheongdam’s Chief Trainer. “As we age, the collagen in the skin decreases, causing the skin to wrinkle. External factors such as sun exposure, stress, and pollution can further damage the skin. Since the lifestyle and problems of people in Singapore are very similar to those in Korea, we concluded that the treatments and products would be as effective for Singaporeans as for Koreans. We’re thrilled to make a difference in our clients’ lives with our top-notch products and treatments.”

Individualised Treatment Plans for Everyone

Cheongdam is a one-stop centre offering effective and evidence-based treatments performed by well-trained doctors, consultants, and aestheticians. The treatments and products offered by Cheongdam are specially curated to address the needs and problems of each customer’s skin. At Cheongdam, they recognise that everyone reacts differently to different treatments, which is why they place great emphasis on providing a thorough consultation for each customer.

The Korean Signature 10-Step Skin Treatment, Chanel Skin Booster, Astrodome 02 8-Step Facial, and Magic Skin Booster are just a few of Cheongdam’s top treatments. These treatments are a perfect example of customised treatments, where the steps are mixed and matched to the needs of the customers’ skin. Regardless of how customised these steps are, the treatment has no downside.

The Top Ranking Treatments

Looking good not only makes you feel better physically, but it also makes you happier and more confident. Here are some popular beauty treatments offered by Cheongdam that will help you get the dewy skin of your dreams!

Korean Signature 10-Step Skin Treatment

This skin care treatment is a customisable and one-of-a-kind treatment that allows you to mix and combine different machines to address your skin’s issues. This Korean facial combines high-quality ingredients and machinery imported straight from Korea, resulting in dewy, glass skin.

Astrodome 02 8 Steps Facial

The Astrodome 02 Facial is the world’s first LPE (light pulsed energy), NIR (near-infrared), and anion mist system, allowing deep penetration into the skin’s dermal layer. It aids in cell regeneration and the enhancement of skin texture. This facial detoxifies and improves the skin’s health, leaving you with a relaxed appearance and a natural shine.

Chanel Skin Booster

The Chanel Skin Booster tackles skin-ageing factors such as fine lines, wrinkles, pimples, and discoloration. This skin booster makes use of Filorga’s NCTF 135HA solution, which has 59 components that hydrate, brighten, and enhance the texture of the skin overall to help rejuvenate it.

Exosome Magic Skin Booster

This professional cosmetic treatment uses the world’s first pure, stem cell-derived exosome for skin renewal, suppleness, hydration, and anti-inflammation. This therapy improves skin hydration, has an anti-aging impact, and boosts collagen and elastin formation in the skin.

Meet The Dynamic Team

The United Square outlet is graced by two doctors from Cheongdam. These doctors have been in the beauty business for years and want only the best results for their patients.

Dr. Colin Ng

Dr. Colin specialises in lasers, neurotoxins, and skin booster treatments, as well as non-surgical skin tightening and lifting with energy-based devices and dermal filler injections. He is fully accredited by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee to perform a wide range of facial aesthetic and dermatology procedures, including botox, fillers, chemical peels, IPL, lasers, skin tightening, and more. He believes in journeying with each patient to understand their unique concerns and medical aesthetics history to craft bespoke treatment plans at the Cheongdam Aesthetics Clinic, where he practises.

Dr. Christopher Chan

Dr. Chris’ expertise in aesthetic techniques allows him to achieve the desired results, resulting in high patient satisfaction. His main focus is to understand his patients’ wishes and opinions in order to provide them with tailored treatments. He values each and every one of his patients and strives to treat each of them with respect and dignity, building trust and showing compassion. He is fully accredited by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee to perform a wide range of facial aesthetic and dermatology procedures, including botox, fillers, chemical peels, IPL, lasers, skin tightening, and more.

Meet the Face of Cheongdam

Tiffany Tan is the Chief Aesthetic Trainer of Cheongdam Skin Management as well as Cheongdam Aesthetics Clinic. Her love of beauty and skincare is boundless and altruistic. She became interested in Korean aesthetics while working as a dermatological assistant in a local dermatology clinic in Gangnam, Korea. She has deep values and practises in this field, especially in passing on valuable knowledge to clients as well as constantly upgrading and educating her team on the latest methods by monitoring their standards and imparting skills that she gained from continuous training in various academies worldwide. Playing an important role in mapping out aesthetic treatments at Cheongdam, Tiffany’s bespoke repertoire includes self-tested and designed formulations, hand-picked quality products, and the latest and trendiest machines in Korea.


Cheongdam  Korean Skin Management (est. 2018) and Cheongdam Aesthetics Clinic (est. 2021) offer a revolutionary practice that tackles the skin’s needs and issues using 100% Korean imported medical-grade machinery, products, and cutting-edge technology to help attain the coveted Korean glass skin. Their mission is to provide clients with unique treatment regimens that are customised for each client through in-depth consultations. They are equipped with not only the latest Korean technology but also well-trained and experienced aestheticians who are passionate about and invested in their work.

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