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Singapore Whisky Collective Delivers Market-Beating Returns For Their Members

An invite-only community of whisky collectors in Singapore delivers over 15% annual returns for members in their second year of operations

SINGAPORE, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Whisky is increasingly becoming an investment to watch, and a group of collectors in Singapore have quietly amassed over 37% return for their members in 2 years. In their most recent monthly report to members, the Spirit Vault Collective (SVC) announced the completion of their second year of operations, and shared the news with their members that they clocked in an annual return of more than 15.7% over the last year. Their investment strategy includes building a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of whisky bottles, together with a rigorous focus on specific brands that maximise returns.

“At SVC we are engaged full-time in the whisky industry, and have been so for more than a decade on the retail and distribution side. Our network within the industry, years of dedication and knowledge, access to information and awareness of new releases provides us with a distinctive advantage that private individuals investing in whisky cannot match,” said Neil Paterson, CEO of Spirit Vault Collective.

SVC would not reveal the exact value of their portfolio of whisky, but Mr Paterson did share a few details. “Earlier in the year we crossed SG$2 million dollars of whisky under management, and we have ongoing requests for members waiting to join. We only accept two new members to the collective per month, to ensure we’re not rushed in building the portfolio.”

“We’re dedicated whisky people who invest in whisky, not investment people stepping into the whisky industry. Our primary focus is on collecting exceptional bottles for our members, that over time will deliver exceptional returns,” Mr Paterson added.

There have been multiple whisky funds that have launched over the years, which are predominantly focused on long-term investment in whisky casks, holding investor’s capital over 5 to 10 years. The Spirit Vault Collective focuses primarily on collectible bottles, and therefore provides better liquidity for their members and easier and immediate exit opportunities.

“Our members are free to exit the collective at any time, but over 2 years we have not had a single exit. So we must be doing something right,” said Mr Paterson.

In the most recent 2021 Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index Report, whisky again topped the charts with 10 year returns of 478%. However, Rare Whisky 101’s tracking index for Knight Frank, which focuses on ultra-rare luxury bottles only, delivered -3.5% for the year. The team at Spirit Vault Collective is therefore comfortably ahead of the market.

For those that are interested in learning more, the founding team will be holding their first public webinar on 8th May. During the call they will cover their observations of the trends in whisky today, brands to watch, the global whisky macro environment, and share some secrets on how collectors go about selecting whisky bottles for their own portfolio. Interested members of the public can apply for attendance in the registration form here.

For more information, please visit www.svcollective.com

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