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SHEIN Malaysia’s First Pop-Up Event celebrates individuality and diversity to explore and express their style freely

SHEIN has officially launched its anticipated inaugural SHEIN Malaysia Pop-Up Event, which take place from 27 September to 2 October at the Central Town, Ground Floor of MyTOWN Shopping Centre

The event saw the presence of renowned Malaysian personalities, influencers, and fashion icons including Amelia Henderson, Scha Elinnea, Yaya Zahir, Sairiya Murugiah, Dior Yaw and Farrah Khairina, each adding their unique flair to the fashion extravaganza.

The Pop-Up Event was inaugurated by a dazzling SHEIN Fashion Show, specially curated and styled by Malaysia’s top influencers – Ash Edward, Khainina Khalil, Isha Norsham, Ashley Chin and Ikhmal Nour. The fashion show featured a well-balanced male and female runway talents comprised of SHEIN’s very own #beSHEINmodels. This mesmerising showcase embodied SHEIN’s commitment to celebrating individuality and diversity, as each model strutted the catwalk in SHEIN’s exquisite array of styles.

The event was divided into four captivating themes – Party Styles, Office Styles, Active and Swim Styles, and Summer & Street Styles, featuring more than 1,000 fashion and accessory products designed for women, men, and kids. There is also showcased specially picked curations by SHEINfluencers, highlighting the latest trends.  

The brand is also taking opportunity to promote diversity by offering its Curve+ Plus series, which includes sizes up to 4XL. In this regard, SHEIN is sending across a clear message: that fashion knows no boundaries and that there’s a perfect style for everyone. SHEIN takes this up a notch with a range of fashion styles that will be refreshed daily, treating visitors to a never-ending parade of the latest trends in women’s, men’s, and kids’ fashion. Each day will bring new fashion pieces, new inspirations, and new ways to express personal style. 

The Pop-Up Event also features an exclusive SHEGLAM Beauty Counter where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of cosmetics that features a range of affordable SHEGLAM beauty products. Founded in 2019, SHEGLAM has been dedicated to providing the ultimate beauty experience to makeup lovers around the world. 

Meanwhile, the Home & Living Zone at SHEIN Malaysia Pop-Up Event will provide a glimpse into stylish living spaces. This holistic approach to fashion highlighted SHEIN’s commitment to providing a complete lifestyle shopping experience.

Not only that, SHEIN has also prepared daily giveaways of exclusive SHEIN gifts and special appearances by top fashion influencers in Malaysia, further enhancing the visitors’ fashion experience. 

“At SHEIN, we believe that the beauty of fashion should be accessible to all. Fashion goes beyond fabrics and trending styles; it is a transformative journey and powerful tool for self-expression. As Malaysian fashion enthusiasts have a unique way of embracing trends while adding their personal touch, we believe that this pop-up showcase will allow more Malaysians to explore and express their style freely,” said Qiu Tianyi, Head of Branding, SHEIN Southeast Asia. 

Moving beyond style; SHEIN has also ventured into the arena of empowerment with the introduction of the #beSHEINmodels Community Programme to Malaysia. The programme, which has rapidly grown to over 7,000 members, focuses on the idea that fashion is more than just looking fabulous; it’s about feeling fabulous too. Exclusive perks and rewards awaited those who joined this fashion movement. 

The SHEIN Malaysia Pop-Up event also marks the debut of the first ever SHEINfluencer Day in Malaysia. The SHEINfluencer Day is a commemoration of the brand’s #SHEINfluencer community, in celebration of its successful partnerships with known and well-liked influencers in Malaysia. 

To find out more about the SHEIN Pop-Up Event in Malaysia, you may also visit the official SHEIN website. 

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