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Shanghai Jahwa Holds 2021 Strategic Conference: “To Beauty of the Future”

SHANGHAI, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On March 18, Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Jahwa, Code: 600315) held its 2021 Strategic Conference entitled “To Beauty of the Future” online. At the event, the company released a new corporate branding video themed “Creating perfection and beauty with a century of craftsmanship”.

Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Jahwa United Pan Qiusheng
Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Jahwa United Pan Qiusheng

The management team, led by Chairman and CEO Pan Qiusheng, explained the strategic planning for the company’s future growth from multiple perspectives, including corporate strategy, brand innovation, channel evolution, corporate culture and digitalization, among others, all of which comprehensively showcased Shanghai Jahwa’s new stature as a leader in China’s beauty and cosmetics sector.

Pan Qiusheng: Reviving Shanghai Jahwa and accomplishing its mission

At the conference, Chairman and CEO Pan Qiusheng gave the opening speech at which he provided a broad overview of the company’s growth strategy, business policies, corporate culture and ESG engagement.

Pan said, “The 123-year-old Shanghai Jahwa has unceasingly provided consumers with quality beauty products created with the utmost of craftsmanship accompanied by service with excellence. Not long ago, the company reimagined the corporate culture model with a new vision, mission, operating principle, values and corporate slogan.”

Pan gave a detailed presentation on the company’s Operating Principle that takes “Consumer-Centricity, brand innovation and channel evolution as the two drivers, culture, system and process, and digitalization as the three enablers”. Specifically, with the roll-out of this new approach, the focus will shift to consumers, in tandem with close collaboration with other organizations and big data platforms to gain comprehensive insights into the buying public, in an effort to drive product development to better meet their expectations.

As for brand innovation, the company plans to create quality products and services based on insights into consumers, industry trends that look far into the future and big data as well as innovation in marketing and resource investment models.

In terms of channel evolution, the company is on track to promote channel innovation through five core initiatives: strategic partnerships, digital empowerment, smart retail, private domain management and business model innovation, while capturing new market opportunities through new channels, new scenarios and new forms of consumption.

In addition, Shanghai Jahwa plans to use the three drivers – culture, system and process, and digitalization – to help the company create better value for consumers and provide the greatest support to its brand innovation and channel advancement, Pan added.

Pan also said the company will take practical steps to deliver on its commitment to sustainable development of the human destiny community. “Our company has released the first ESG report among listed companies in China’s beauty and cosmetics segment this year, fully disclosing the initiatives and achievements of Shanghai Jahwa in fulfilling its social responsibility and promoting sustainable development. To implement China’s ‘3060 Plan’ for carbon emissions, we have also established for ourselves a series of more forward-looking goals, aiming to reach peak carbon emissions by 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality across the value chain by 2050, setting an example for the entire industry.”

2021 marks the 123rd anniversary of Shanghai Jahwa and the 20th anniversary of the company’s listing on the A-share market. The company has shown its vitality as a century-old brand that advances with the times in concert with its unlimited development potential. In 2021, Shanghai Jahwa is already well on its way to revival, and looking into the future, the company will remain true to its original aspiration of “Creating perfection and beauty with a century of craftsmanship”, to generate the greatest value for consumers, employees, shareholders and society, and to bring China’s beauty products to the world.

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