Scent of Time《为有暗香来》streaming exclusively on HBO GO from 13 October

Warner Bros. Discovery announces the premiere of Chinese drama series, Scent of Time《为有暗香来》, based on popular online novel Xi Qian Hua. The HBO Asia Originals series is directed by Bai Yunmo (白云默) (The Treasure Hunter, Court Lady) and Guo Hao (国浩) (Delicacies Destiny, Arsenal Military Academy). Watch it first, exclusively on HBO GO from Friday, October 13.

Set in ancient China, Scent of Time follows a shrewd young woman, Hua Qian (Zhou Ye) who is obsessed with the heir to a Chinese incense empire, Zhong Yelan (Peng Chuyue). Hua Qian schemes to steal Zhong Yelan’s heart, but Yelan’s heart belongs to Mu Yao, the daughter of Butler Mu, a rival of the Hua family.

As events unfold and Hua Qian schemes to steal Zhong Yelan’s heart, the line between friend and foe becomes unclear and Hua Qian’s scheme eventually comes to light. In her attempt to evade exile, she is injured and slips into a mysterious coma, waking up to find that she has a chance at redemption. However, Hua Qian finds that the web of deceit is not so easily untangled.

The series features a star-studded cast including Zhou Ye (周也) (Word of Honor, Yesterday Once More), Wang Xingyue (王星越) (One and Only), Peng Chuyue (彭楚粤) (Fights Break SphereLove O’ Clock), Zhang Yijie (张逸杰) (Legacy, Dear Parents), Zhao Qing (赵晴) (Don’t Mess with Ex-Girlfriend, Just In Time To Meet You) andXu Fan (徐帆) (Aftershock). 

Produced by Huanyu Entertainment, the production company behind Story of Yanxi Palace (2018), created by Yu Zheng and Ren Yanan and executive produced by Yu Zheng and Yang Le (executive producers behind Story of Yanxi Palace). Directed by Bai Yunmo and Guo Hao.

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