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Sasi The Don launching new ‘This Is Malaysia’ theme song and MV on 4 Nov 2022

Award-winning Malaysian singer and producer Sasi The Don has announced its latest work, ‘This Is Malaysia’, to be launched on 4th November 2022. ‘This Is Malaysia’ us aimed at highlighting the importance of conscious collaborations for a progressive Malaysia.

Supported by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, this initiative features the highly anticipated ‘This Is Malaysia’ theme song and music video composed and performed by Sasi The Don, featuring upcoming home-grown talent Nina Nadira, Eddie G, and Marissa Kee. The track was produced by Sasi The Don, music arranged by award winning producer D’Navigator, mixed by Deyo Deluxshion from Singapore and Mastered by Bjorn Engelmann from Sweden who was recently nominated at the 2021 Grammys. 

The Malaysian reggae icon is also releasing a truly Malaysian documentary highlighting ordinary Malaysians doing extraordinary things to put Malaysia on the map through conscious collaborations. The documentary can be viewed at www.thisismalaysia.org and features accomplished Malaysians from different industries showcasing their journey and the undeniable drive that being Malaysian has given them. The one-hour documentary features Singer Manbai, National Athlete Shalin Zulkifli, Fashion Icon Melinda Looi, Serial Entrepreneur Iqbal Ameer, and Dr. Madhu Sudhan, the famous Teddy Bear Doctor, along with many more inspiring Malaysians recounting their journey towards contributing to this beautiful country.

‘This Is Malaysia’ also includes a remix of Sasi The Don’s first Malay song, written in 2002 featuring Amy Search, titled ‘Suatu Impian‘ while also presenting a new rendition of the folk classic “Rasa Sayang” featuring Malaysian singer Sharifah Afiffah and rappers B-Heart and Shou Raion. Sasi The Don is the executive producer and the creative head of the project and believes in the potential among Malaysians to make a name for themselves and Malaysia in the eyes of the world.

“This initiative aims to put Malaysia on the map by promoting conscious collaborations across the board, especially in the creative industry, where there is room to grow and promote local talents. Highlighting the importance of believing in the power of each other’s talents and contributing to the progress of our country, ‘This Is Malaysia’ is set to inspire and bring human talent to the forefront to create an environment where Malaysians can support each other to improve their quality of life while raising living standards with the tagline of the initiative, “My Home. My Life. My Pride” driving that message home.

My vision is to inspire the rakyat to create conscious collaborations that support living in harmony with each other and their environment through the ‘This Is Malaysia’ theme song and documentary,” said Sasi The Don. 

‘This Is Malaysia’ will be available across all music streaming platforms on 4th November 2022. Catch the music video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IABLKG_ECk and get inspired by watching the documentary on www.thisismalaysia.org.

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